Warmth, Rest and Fun in Cumbuco Beach

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Property Name
Warmth, Rest and Fun in Cumbuco Beach
Property ID
270 USD Per Night
Sub Location
Ceara   Cumbuco
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Excellent House Duplex, located on the paradise beach of Cumbuco.

Excellent Duplex House with outdoor area of ​​approximately 920m2 and building area of ​​320m2.

The house is located on the West Coast of Ceara in Cumbuco Beach, far from Fortaleza about 30km with easy access via BR-020, BR-222, 4th Ring Road and 090 EC.

The property is very nice, ventilated and cozy, has an extensive garden containing native plants of the region and many coconut trees, leaving the lush landscape accompanied with humming birds, that make housing through the vegetation. The house has a garage for 5 cars, with his face toward the main avenue of Cumbuco (Av. Dos Coqueiros) and funds for the beach.

It has equipped kitchen with fridge-freezer, gelágua, stove, microwave, all kitchen appliances, pantry, dining room, living room with TV 52 "(SKY), 4 suites, 2 located on the upper floor.

The property has a swimming pool divided into child and adult area, all surrounded with aluminum for added protection of children. Deck with barbecue, pizza oven, wood stove and oven heated by firewood; industrial stove, freezer, refrigerator, bathroom, sauna and 2 chuveirões. All deck kitchen utensils are unique and do not require use of the house. The house has cable TV service and Internet Wifi. The caretaker is very attentive and available for specific services of home maintenance.


Cumbuco has great location in the Brazilian Northeast, specifically in the West Coast of Ceará, inserted in the metropolitan area of ​​Fortaleza, only about 30 km far from the Cearense Capital Centre. Its privileged position is highly sought after by sportsmen around the world, as the best winds pass through this region. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are the most practiced.

The beach of Cumbuco has suited to the demands of visitors, the tourist infrastructure is one of the most important in the state of Ceará, because it has more than 20 restaurants including the international various specialties: Italian, French, German and regional and others. Another highlight of Cumbuco are the paradisiacal beaches and lagoons formed by the low tide and the mouth of Cauípe river that flows into the sea, "best place to practice Kitesurf in Brazil."

Normally it makes the downwind in 1 hour or less; after an angry Downwind, you arrive at the Cauípe, considered one of the best breaks in the world, full of flat freshwater different depths, unparalleled natural beauty and stunning sunsets. The best time for sailing are: From 8 am until 11 am and after 16hs until 17h when the swimmers start leaving the beach.

Besides the beaches, the beautiful landscape has dunes, mangrove and large area of ​​coconut grove. This beach is also home to a fishing village where one can find various kinds of fish, shrimp and lobster for very reasonable prices. The fun continues with radical buggy rides through the best natural landscapes of the region, ATV rides, rafts, horse trekking, jet skiing, banana boating, etc.

The night in Cumbuco is quite trendy with many nightclubs, discos, bars and restaurants.

By visiting the Cumbuco do not forget to witness the wonderful Sunset sun on the dunes.


  • Long-Term Renters Welcome
  • Children welcome