Kokkino Kastro - A Historic Estate with Old Houses and Modern Villas

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Kokkino Kastro - A Historic Estate with Old Houses and Modern Villas
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Attiki   Aegina
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Kokkino Kastro - The historic Estate with the famous Aegina’s pistachios trees

Kokkino Kastro is not only a historic estate with old houses and modern villas, it is also a land which produces the famous pistachios of Aegina.

Set on a hill 800m from the town and port in a rural area full of centenarian pine trees and towing cypress trees as well as pistachio and olive trees, what makes this place unique is the transparency of the atmosphere. Dispersed in this environment are two luxurious one bedroom villas, a windmill converted to a 4 bedroom house and another one refurbished old house with 3 bedrooms, a huge swimming pool, a  central kitchen with dinning room and a tennis court.

The pistachios of Kokkino Kastro have a superb aromatic taste completely different from the sweetish taste of those from Iran and USA.

Thanks to that unique quality the pistachios of Aegina have received the privilege of protected designation of origin (PDO) from the EU.


KOKKINO KASTRO is a historic estate in the island of Aegina and a very single part of it has been full of memories from 1825 until now.


At the entrance of this small house there is a small patio covered with a huge bougainvillea, where one can sit under its shade, have breakfast and relax sipping a cup of coffee. In the interior of the house there is a living room area with a fully equipped kitchenette. The three bedrooms (2 twin and 1 double bed) all with ensuite bathrooms with tubs are fully air conditioned.


The windmill which actually looks like a tower is one of the landmarks of the property. This construction dates back to the beginning of the 19th century (around 1826) and it was used for grinding wheat or other grains. It has been converted into a guest house with 4 double bed rooms in the periphery and a two story living room area and a kitchenette for light meals in the centre. On the top there is a terrace with panoramic view of the island. Each bedroom is completed with a bathroom with tubs and is air conditioned.


The front of the stone house is covered by two huge glass doors offering views of the olive grove, orange trees, lemon trees and the trails of vines that cover the big veranda. The 40m2 double bed room with bathroom has been furnished with taste and has been well equipped with air conditioning, TV, video, DVD, internet connection and a small kitchenette with all the necessary accessories for the preparation of light meals.


Set near the swimming pool in the shade of a perennial pine tree, this stone villa with its 50cm2 bedroom and en suite bathroom with shower, offers moments of luxurious relaxation and tranquility. It is equipped with a double bed – TV- VIDEO – INTERNET – DVD players, a ladies boudoir, a relaxing sofa and an antique closet. A small fridge and a coffee maker complete the furniture.


The state of the Art kitchen, built with traditional, local stones, is very ergonomically designed. With its tall glassed front doors looks like a conservatory that can be converted into a semi – open air space, with direct access to the big shaded pergola which serves as the main dining area during hot summer days.

It is fully equipped with refrigerator, deep freezer, microwave, dish washer, three coffee makers, two electric wall ovens, electric cooker, ventilator, wifi, TV, INTERNET, etc. All sorts of small appliances and kitchen gadgets are also available as well as cutlery, pottery and all sorts of glaives to serve 18 guests. Attached to the kitchen there is a bathroom with a shower and a washing machine.


Next to the kitchen the BBQ area is equipped with a stone barbeque grill, counters, a stainless steel sink and storage area for logs and charcoal. The cooking area is surrounded by all sorts of trees, plants and flowers. Cooking here becomes a memorably experience.


The huge swimming pool (20 x 10m) with terracing and a fabulous pavilion is overlooking the sea and the nearby mountains. It is the place that somebody may spend all his day relaxing, swimming, making sun therapy and taking a nap or siesta during hot hours of the day.


The tennis court surrounded by big trees and climbing bushes is made according to the international standards in dimensions, etc. The basket may be used for family play.


It is a complex of pine trees in absolute tranquility is offering a superb shadow for relax, study, reading, or watching the friends playing tennis.

KOKKINO KASTRO ESTATE boasts one of the most enviable locations with a natural environment of unique beauty and memories from the past.

 License: MHTE 0262K92000291701