Oliwood Paradise - 1 Bedroom Cabin

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Oliwood Paradise - 1 Bedroom Log Cabin
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Comunidad Valenciana   Oliva
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Oliwood Paradise - 1 Bedroom Log Cabin

Welcome to Paradise Gay Oliwood, an oasis of tranquility and welfare located between dunes and shores of the Mediterranean sea. Be captivated by the five senses and immerse yourself in this natural paradise. The incomparable setting us surrounding together with our good work we get the chance to turn your visit into an unforgettable experience. Simply feel the Mediterranean pure pleasure.

In Oliwood Gay Paradise are integrated in an idyllic natural setting, comfortable houses, exclusive tents , picturesque log cabins and suites designed in modules and are supplemented with spaces designed for your enjoyment and created to offer a stay with all the comforts and amenities that you need.

The terraces

Terraces, gardens and other open spaces designed to enjoy the outdoors from the first rays of sun until the late hours of the night.

At night, get carried away by the sound of the sea, the smell of sea breeze and most suggestive cocktails. This will be your paradise, a place of disconnection from stressful daily routines and maximum connection with nature and with more people, like you, who wants to enjoy some wonderful days by the sea.

Pool and Solarium

Make the most in the hot days of summer refreshing in the pool and chilling comfortably in the hammock area while savoring a refreshing natural fruit smoothie. This is pure life in a unique natural area.

Chill out

The new chill -out space will be the ideal meeting point where you can make good friends and share with them unforgettable moments under the stars.

Music, cocktails, champagne and the best company. Savor every detail and be amazed at night Oliwood Paradise.

2 bedroom cabin

  • Wooden cottage in the most pure Mediterranean style.
  • 2 rooms – 4 people capacity (expandable to 2 people with sofa bed).

Equipped with:

  • Kitchen-living room with sink, refrigerator, stove, microwave, table, sofa bed and TV cabinet.
  • Master bedroom with bed 150 cm and wardrobe.
  • Bedroom with two beds of 90 cm.
  • Bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.
  • Terrace with table, chairs and sun loungers.