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Villa Zoubi
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Bali   Lovina Beach
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Villa Zoubi North Bali

Welcome to Villa Zoubi: a stunning, contemporary design villa in Umeanyar, on Bali’s north coast. The villa itself can be thought of as a love letter to Bali, its name, ‘Zoubi’, coming from ‘bizou’, a little kiss.

Villa Zoubi is the perfect sanctuary in which to spend some quality time with friends and family, or even just with yourself. With its open-plan layout and glass sliding doors, you’ll feel connected with the surrounding nature even when inside. Explore the outside of Villa Zoubi and its surroundings.

Waking up in Villa Zoubi’s light, spacious bedrooms, you’ll feel reborn: the relaxing sound of tropical birdsong; the perfume of Bali’s indigenous trees and flowers; the gloriously green views; the villa’s sleek, minimal design ... Could there be a more rejuvenating place to awaken?

Villa Zoubi’s five Balinese staff – maid, cook, gardener, security and helpdesk manager – will be at your service eight hours a day, six days a week, to make your stay as care-free as possible. Learn more on our information page.

If you can pry yourself away from the comfort of the villa, you’ll find there are many enjoyable activities open to you in the vicinity. Read more about things to do in Northern Bali.

Welcome inside Villa Zoubi. Take a seat and unwind in the stylish living room area — the peaceful core of the house, bathed in natural light during the daytime and cosy lamplight by night. Here you have all the modern conveniences that you’re used to at home, such as satellite TV, Wi-Fi and even air conditioning. As you continue to explore the house, you’ll notice that every part of Villa Zoubi has been designed to offer space, light, comfort and beauty in spades. The result? A constant feeling of peace and acceptance.

With its three double bedrooms, Villa Zoubi can host up to six guests. You’ll sleep like a baby in the large (180 x 200 cm) beds, with their soft, luxurious bedding. Each bedroom features a unique piece of artwork by a local Balinese artist and has its own large wardrobe, safe box and ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet. Separate from the main house are a further two bedrooms, which adjoin the terrace area and offer a great deal of privacy.

Stroll out onto your private terrace for your morning coffee and immediately feel at one with Villa Zoubi’s beautiful surroundings, with views of the local paddy fields and the villa’s tropical gardens and infinity pool. Explore the outside of Villa Zoubi and its surroundings.

As you explore Villa Zoubi’s gardens and local surroundings, you start to realise that peace doesn’t come from isolation. It comes from an appreciation and acceptance of your environment. From balance and simplicity. And in North Bali’s Umeanyar region, it’s hard not to appreciate the special confluence of nature, culture and human activity that abounds here.

The honest traditions of the hard-working local people are visible all around: you will see how local farmers plough and maintain the local rice paddies as they have always done, with oxen and a great deal of care and patience. Temples and ceremonies hint at this area’s vast cultural heritage. The common sight of cows, chickens and pigs signals that we are in the authentic Bali, far removed the hectic south where mass tourism disturbs the island’s vital balance.

The design and location of Villa Zoubi are such that much of the surrounding nature and traditions are not excluded, but warmly welcomed as part of the experience. No matter where you sit or stand in the garden or terrace, you will see beautiful, constantly- evolving views of paddy fields and the local flora and fauna. Sitting in the bale benong (gazebo), drinking the whole scene in, hours seem to slip by in minutes. The gentle breeze that soothes your skin is the same that softly rustles the leaves of the palms and gives lift to the colourful indigenous butterflies.

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