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Western Finland   Somero
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Myotatuuli Guesthouse (Bed & Breakfast)

About Us:

Myotatuuli is a Finnish word meaning something like sailing before the wind. Myotatuuli is also a  guesthouse (or a B&B if you prefer) in Somero, Finland. It is a fulfillment of dreams. Not only my dreams but the dreams of many.

Myötätuuli was first built in the 1950’s to fullfill a dream of an entire village of giving  knowledge to the children. An elementary school started here in 1957 and continued all the way up to the 90’s. The modern villages, however,  didn’t have that many children anymore so there was no need for so many schools and they closed the doors for good in 1992.

It was time for another dream to come true: a young couple (Anneli and Eero Saneri) wanted to start a nursing home for the elderly and they bought the buildning. In 1994 they opened up a remowated home called Iltatuuli. (Iltatuuli means ‘late-night-wind’). On May 12th they had an opening party and the buildning filled up with happy people and lots of laughter. For many years the elderly found here a warm place to spent their ‘afternoons of life’. But with the EU regulations for running a private nursinghome in the coutryside became too difficult and it was time for the couple to retire.

Now it was time for my dream. I have always wanted  a boarding school and a hotel. In Myotatuuli I have them both. The theme holidays give me the feeling of school and the B&B is a great resemble of a hotel. So, with a great help from my bank, I opened the house once again, called it Myotatuuli (so there has been a slight change of wind…:)) and now proudly call it mine.

We take pride in being very eco-sensitive: we use organic food: eggs, milk, flour... everything we can find. We have pellit- heating system and we recycle (naturally we have a compost!).

Myotatuuli is now a lovely inn in the Finnish courtyside, surrounded by fields and .. well… wind!  There is no better place to spend a relaxing, quiet holiday than this oasis of mine, Myotatuuli.

Rooms and Rates:

We have 9 guestrooms : 3 singlerooms, 2 doublerooms with ensuite, 3 doublerooms with shared bathdroom and a large room for 4 with ensuite. In every room there are large windows for lots of natural light  (and black-out curtains for those not used to the Finnish white summernights) .There are also throw blankets in the rooms for comfortable relaxation, central heating and a desk for writing. There is a small, fully equipped kitchen available for all guests to use should you prefer to cook for yourself.

Rooms 1, 2 & 7 are spacious single rooms with shared bathroom. Rooms have a large comfortable bed and a desk for writing.

Rooms 3, 8 & 9 are comfortable doublerooms with shared bathroom.

Rooms 5 & 6 are beautiful doublerooms with ensuite.

Room 4 is large enough for up to four people. This ensuite is really comfortable with a sitting area and a kingsize bed and is great for 2 - 4 people.


You might want to do more on your holiday than just relax. We have various 'pre-arranged holidays' for you to choose from: dancing, studying languages, cooking, skiing, walking..... to name a few. We are happy to help you find activities to make your holiday wonderful! 

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information on our pre-arranged holidays!

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