Cottage Kuortane 57 m² with 10 Beds


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Cottage Kuortane
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90 USD Per Night
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Western Finland   Kuortane
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Cottage Kuortane 57 m² with 10 Beds

The cottage is located in a former quarry Kaatiala the beach, on a plot of hot tub.

Rental Conditions:

Prices are valid only in the normal weekends and -arkipäivinä, please inquire holidays prices separately.

1. Reservation fee is 20% of the rent
2. The reservation will be valid reservation fee has been paid
3. The balance to be paid one week before the rental period
4. If the reservation is canceled 30 days before the start of the reservation, the deposit will be refunded
5. If the reservation is canceled 14 days prior to reservation, no booking fees refunded
6. If the reservation is canceled under 7 days before the start of the booking, the booking will be charged full payment
7. The Renter will bring their own bed linen
8. Smoking indoors is prohibited
9. Broken, lost or damaged containers or other objects to the renter to pay the full
10. The apartment is cleaned before its release, unless the cabins not cleaned properly, the charge is 50 €

Some Notes from Cottage


 Open a bottle of the gas switch, check that the cabinet is gas-position (Fuel Selection = flame picture)
 Press the ignition button down and put pieza button. When the gas lights, there is a green light next to the putton. At the same time covered by the flame of the buzz back of the cabinet and warm air in the tube rises. Usually you must put button some time before the flame is lit. Suitable for cabinet temperature can be found in Regulation position 3-5


Open the gas cock
 Chose the lowest power setting, press the button and click pieza button.
 When the flame broke out briefly hold the switch down.
 Select 1-3 depending how much warming power you needs.
 Shut down by closing the gas valve.


 Dressing rooms have two burner gas grill, which should be used, at least when there is not allowed to use open fire. It should in any case be lifted out of the room, a suitable location is between the doors.
 When using the grill it would be advisable to use an aluminum chassis because otherwise there is a danger that grease dripping from the lights up, then keep the grill clean.
 Move the grill back to the dressing room when you leave.


 Check that there are no ashes; remove them to ensure a bet.
 Fill the water reservoir - not to the brim - but about 10 cm at the top.
 Burn a couple of full firebox loads, so the sauna is ready (about 70 ° C).
 If you cannot immediately bath or you stay in sauna longer, reduce the number of trees you put to heater so that sauna will not be too hot.
 Rinsing can be directly discharged into drains.
 In winter, you must first warm the cottage that the water melts the lock and sewerage works. Anyway it is better to test with little water that everything works.
 Tub for flushing dish can be found in the lower right of the drawer or in sauna.


 Close the cap in hot tub.
 Put the other end of hose to hot tub and take pump from storehouse and fix it to the other end of hose. Put pump in water and connect it with aggregates. Pull choke out and start engine, when engine start, push choke down. Other possibility is to use aggregate, from which you can get 220V and you can use normal water pump to fill hot tub.
 Barrel goes to about 1,600 gallons of water, but do not need to up it fully, you can leave room about 5cm/person, filling takes about 1⁄2 hour.
 You can not turn on the stove until the water covers it. The air intake can be completely open.
 The water heats up normally 10 to 15 degrees per hour, depending on the intensity of the fire, the surface water warms up more quickly so stir it for at least the final stage. You can keep the sheet on the heating when the heating is accelerated.
 Barrels can go anytime, but recommended temperature is 37-38 degrees, where the heat begins to rise above, can provide warming by reducing air intakes.
 During the summer the heat level drops 1 degree about in an hour. If the protective cover is on, the decline rate of about 2 hours/1 degree.
 The same water may be necessary to provide a barrel for the whole weekend when additional heating is rapid. When the barrels are no longer used, open the drain plug and let the water out. Finally, raise the support and protective cover in place, and emptied the ashes from the body.


 The cottage is equipped with a solar cell, which is sufficient for lighting and watching TV (limited)
 Battery recharges automatically. The controller has a battery voltage level representing the lamp column.
 Lamps can now be found outside, the living room (in the series with the lamp of the flock, with a separate switch), the kitchen, locker rooms and saunas.
 In the terrace is inverter, which receives living room floor socket 220V
 Loft, bedroom and living room has power outlets, , electricity is sufficient for normal summer weekend when the battery is fully charged during week. If the battery voltage drops too low, the controller disconnects the power supply to the load. Electric lighting will be sufficient after this period.


 Both cottages have their own toilet (outside) but the bin is shared between the cottages. The cabin has bunk beds (mattresses, blankets and pillows) for 11 people (sofa bed for 2 and bedroom for 3 persons, others on mattresses in upper floor). You need bed sheet and pillowcase
or sleeping bags.
 The cabin has a set of dishes (at least) for 10 people, 4-burner LPG stove as well as liquefied petroleum gas grill. From dressing room can be a spare gas bottle. Outside is a fire place. You can use for cooking all the spices what are in kitchen.
 Drinkable water should bring with you, wash water can use from pond
 You need for a dark period of year a flashlights and candles;


 Close all gas valves
 Leave the refrigerator door open for
 Empty the ashes from the fireplace and the stove, the ashes can put somewhere in the roots of trees. Moisten the ash if it is hot or leave it in the metal bucket you will find under cottage.
 Drain all water tanks, if there is frost
 Turn off the inverter, if you're using it
 Leave the house tidy - thanks!
 Stay guestbook comments are welcome, you can send them by email. All kinds of proposals to improve equipment and facilities will be accepted and we are trying to take them into account in future development of the region. The address is
 Lock the house and leave the key to the cottage key cabinet, unless otherwise agreed. In the event of any questions, please contact the number +358400-880594