Cottage Kuortane 49 m² with 5 Beds


Property Name
Cottage Kuortane
Property ID
70 USD Per Night
Sub Location
Western Finland   Kuortane
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Cottage Kuortane 49 m² with 5 Beds

The cottage is located in the former Kaatiala open pit on the beach, in the grounds there is a barbecue hut. Prices are valid only during normal weekends and weekdays. Please inquire for other rates separately.

Rental Conditions:

1. Reservation fee is 20% of the rent.
2. The reservation will be valid reservation fee has been paid.
3. The balance to be paid one week before the rental period.
4. If the reservation is canceled 30 days before the start of the reservation, the deposit will be refunded.
5. If the reservation is canceled 14 days prior to reservation, no booking fees refunded.
6. If the reservation is canceled under 7 days before the start of the booking, the booking will be charged full payment.
7. The Renter will bring their own bed linen.
8. Smoking indoors is prohibited.
9. Broken, lost or damaged containers or other objects to the renter to pay the full.
10. The apartment is cleaned before its release, unless the cabins not cleaned properly, the charge is 50 €.

Notes from Small Cottage

After you have opened the door, lift the lever up so the door locks not anymore. However, if this happens and the keys are inside, please contact us, we'll tell you, where is the spare key. On the left side of the door is the key cabinet, where you can find the key to the hut and sauna. When leaving lock the doors and leave the keys in the key cabinet.

  • Fridge, stove and gas heater are operating on gas. Gas cylinder cocks are (maybe) sealed, so open them up before use. The refrigerator should be put on by opening the gas and putting piezo button, the meter goes to green when gas fires. In dressing rooms is spare cylinder if the gas runs out.
  • The cottage has no electricity, so take with your matchs, candles and a flashlight with you as the source of light. You can also use the appropriate boxes, chest drawers found in tea lights and candles.
  • The cottage has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one bunk bed and a bunk. Warehouse building has an outdoor toilet. Take with you bed linen or sleeping bag. During the summer you can sleep in a hut, where can sleep three people (Take then the sleeping pad and sleeping bag) There is also sauna, which is warming up by wood. You should take water from pond, remember to take all water away when you leave cottage during winter time.
  • Using the stove, you can initially leave the bottom door open, during the heating of stove, you can close the door. If you leave the stove fire for the night, leave only a small air gap in upper door. The stove air intake can also adjust the side screw (use pliers to circumvent). Primary fuel for heating can also use the gas heater. There is also open fireplace in living room.
  • pond water is not drinkable , so take with your drinking and cooking water.
  • When you use hut grill open first the sun roof by pulling the rope, close the door after use
  • Firewood can be found in a woodshed, or you can also use the surface of the possible (check the drought).
  • waste receptacle can be found in storage building in the back. Please contact us if you have any questions.