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Guesthouse Little Tundra
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Southern Finland   Lahti
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Guesthouse Little Tundra

The mini hotel Guesthouse Little Tundra is located in the city center of Lahti, close to the railway station in a historic setting. Our guesthouse is designed to accommodate 9 persons, although this can be expanded with temporary beds. All our guests live close to each other in wooden cabins in a unique, idyllic atmosphere that the owners provide.

When staying with us, You immediately feel the scent of natural wood and of nature. In the room cabins there is no generic hotel-style sound isolation, as all cabins are crafted in natural wood. As for the interior decoration, no single coherent style can be distinguished. Instead, it is guaranteed that You feel as though in an Oriental fairy tale, or maybe even sense the closeness of a Northern elk.

The Rooms

We have a total of 5 rooms. 2 rooms are for two persons with one big bed (Double). 2 rooms have 2 beds (Twin) and one room with one bed for one person (Single). Due to the capacity of 9 people (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1). And there is a possibility of temporary extra beds for extra people and children.

Lapland: In this cabin (10 square meters) there are two single beds, which can of course be united, if You wish. Reindeer pelts and a Lapland theme carry You to a Northern Finnish atmosphere. You will certainly dream of Northern lights. The other cabin is smaller by area and is likewise decorated in a Lapland style. It is ideal for the stay of one guest. This cabin is 7,5 square meters.

Romantic: Here You will certainly forget about the city hurry. The atmosphere of a summer home reminds of a shore of a deep forest lake. When staying here, you will certainly feel yourself in the nature. In this cabin, a double bed sized 160 x 200 cm can also be found. This cabin is 9 square meters.  

Detailed information about room:

  • spacious double bed: 160×200
  • the room is suitable for accommodation of 2 persons
  • warm lighting with floor lamp
  • in the room there are tables, shelves and chairs
  • area of room is 9m2

Oriental fairy tale: When staying in this part of the guesthouse, You truly find yourself in an Oriental fairy tale! Let your imagination soar. Two cabins (12 square meters) are decorated with elements of an Asiatic yurt. In each one of them there are enough space for 2 persons and additional space for your belongings. When exiting the yurt, you can relax in the uniquely decorated common relaxation area.

Detailed information about room:

  • spacious double bed: 160×200 or two separate beds 80 cm
  • the room is suitable for accommodation of 2 persons, also one more extra bed or bed for kids is available
  • cozy lighting with table lamps and floor lamps
  • in rooms there are tables and chairs
  • room in shape of octagon with area of 12m2


All guests of our guesthouse can use the common rooms: A shower with a toilet, a separate toilet, a mini kitchen with a refrigerator, but without a stove. In the kitchen, You can independently prepare breakfast, tea or coffee, as well as use the microwave oven and essential kitchenware.

  • 1 shared bathroom with shower and toilet and 1 toilet room.
  • Free Wifi covering the whole area of guesthouse
  • Open-air parking lot in front of hostel
  • Kitchenette with fridge (no oven available)
  • Self-prepared breakfast. We offer range of tea and coffee

Corporate Events

We offer the whole space for parties and celebrations for 10 – 15 people. You can spend here a birthday or bachelor party. Companies can organize private events for their staff, for example, Christmas parties. At the same time you can visit Lahti´s nightlife and return to our rooms for the night.

We also offer sauna facilities by special agreement. Your whole company will enjoy sauna in individual and cozy space next to our guesthouse in the same property.

You are free to bring your own food and drinks. In cooperation with you, we shall discuss various options to ensure that your party will be comfortable and unforgettable!

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