A cozy vacation property lain at 1300 meters from the Beach Museddu


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Domus Fadda
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56 USD Per Night
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Sardegna   Cardedu
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Cardedu is one of the most beautiful and wild regions of Sardinia

Your apartment lies on the first floor of the villa. In the lower part of the house we have an apartment for rent, for up to four persons. A total of ten people can stay in two apartments, this is a perfect place where you can spend your holidays with a large family or a group of friends. This bungalow is very close to one of the beautiful white sandy beaches in this area.

This lovely, spacious holiday apartment is the ideal base for a large family, or group of friends, to spend a peaceful holiday away from the stresses of everyday's life. Three bedrooms, bathroom, living with kitchen, porch and terraces. It is well equipped with a tv, dishwasher, washing machine, espresso machine, included bed linen and bath towels.

Situated between the small town of Cardedu and the stunning white beaches of Museddu, Foddini, Perdepera and Coccorocci; is this beautiful house surrounded in an oasis of peace and privacy.

The position of Cardedu, at the crossroads of the road that takes you towards Tacchi, the sea, the grottoes of the valley of the Pardu and the woods of Lanusei, have favoured the development of tourism and made the most of an inhabited town. The council of Cardedu with its 2,000 hectares around Monte Ferru, make up an exceptional natural complex.

A sandy seabed with limpid waters and a coast where dazzling coves suddenly appear to break the long white stretches of sand and reefs, pebbles and red porphyry sketch a gorgeous landscape, variegated, rugged and uncontaminated.

The East Coast of Sardinia: the canoeist’s ideal habitat, according to not just Cardedu Kayak but anyone who’s been lucky enough to visit and paddle here. Places visited all year round by those who love nature and its marvels, rather than creature comforts. The coastline lends itself to all open-air sporting and “wellness” activities.

Among these, sea canoeing is the most sought-after. The canoeist’s privileged position and the absolute silence, interrupted only by the noise of the paddle strokes, help you to admire what the coastline offers.

Rare landscapes, unpolluted marine environments, one marvel after another immersed in the crystalline waters whose colours range from emerald green to cobalt blue, with alongside the deep green of the Mediterranean shrubs (“macchia”) that grow right up to the water’s edge.

Ogliastra, a fairly recent discovery with its beautiful coasts and mountainous interior. Its territory, wedged between sea and mountain, offers a vast array of unique landscapes. A paradise of remarkable beauty situated along the eastern side of Sardinia, where nature is at its best.

The Ogliastra coasts are splendid oases set between sea and rock, rugged nature to dazzle us with some of the most fascinating marine landscapes of the Mediterranean. Leaving from the north we encounter the renowned coves of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé, accessible only by boat or on foot; further south there are the beautiful beaches of Tancau, Girasole, Orrì, Cea ,Barisardo, Cardedu, Coccorrocci and the gulf of Sarrala.

On the Ogliastra coast, in a natural park with a wealth of plateaux and plains, artificial lakes and torrents, forests and bush, beaches, buttes and outcrops lies Cardedu.

The whole area of Cardedu and Ogliastra includes fine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, cliffs which fall sheer to the sea, age-old woods and dry desert plains. Sailing along the wonderful coast it possible to admire some of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean: Cala Gonone, Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzè are nowadays very well-know destinations for tourism.

As a matter of fact the whole Orosei gulf has been appointed by the EU as SIC (Site of Communitarian Importance), awards given to sites characterised by the presence of important species of flora and fauna.

One of the most famous and popular site is the Grotta del Bue Marino (Sea cow's cave), once shelter for the seals, today in danger of extinction.

Today, this area remains one of the most unpopulated and rugged areas in Europe. The narrow gorges, imposing chalk rocks, wide plateaus and hidden canyons run in an uninterrupted stretch of natural beauty..

Ogliastra stretches from the high Flumendosa basin to the east side of the Gennargentu, and looks over the Tyrrhenian Sea with a high, rocky and spectacularly beautiful coastline. It also includes, at its southernmost boundary, part of the area that historically was part of the marquisate of Quirra.

Well aware of the importance of safeguarding this area, the Region and the Comunes have invested in reforestation and developing the forests for walks where you can discover the area's natural and archaeological heritage.

Ogliastra has a great variety of coastal scenery. In the north, overhanging limestone cliffs are punctuated by quiet sandy bays, such as the famous Cala Goloritzè, reachable only on foot or by boat: Ogliastra is the perfect place for trekking.

Further south, at Arbatax, Tortolì and Gairo, broad sandy beaches such as Cea, San Gemiliano, Orrì, and Musculedda alternate with rocks of red porphyry, granite or Coccorocci's unusual black beach.

Ogliastra is one of those marvellous places in which, between the mountains and the sea, you discover a different view around each corner.

Ogliastra, with the beauty of its coastline and mountainous interior, is Sardinia's most recently-discovered tourist destination. This corner of the island, bounded by the mountains and the sea, offers an unlimited number of unique attractions for visitors.

A paradise of remarkable beauty situated on the east coast of Sardinia: here Nature offers the best of itself. The name Ogliastra is said to come from the Olivastri, olive trees, found all over this area, though others say it's derived from the Agugliastra (or Pedra Longa), the limestone monolith on the coastline of Baunei.

Ogliastra's coastline contains beautiful oases of sand wedged between the sea and the surrounding cliffs, and is one of the Mediterranean's most charming marine landscapes. Starting from the north, we come to sandy bays (cale) reachable only by boat or on foot, such as the famous Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé; further south we find interesting beaches such as those at Tancau, Orrì, Cea, the Marinas di Barisardo and Cardedu, Coccorrocci and the Golfo di Sarrala.

The other magical side to Ogliastra is the Nature, which is still unspoilt and which gradually changes as you climb over the hills to arrive at the mountains of the Gennargentu, whose varied landscapes and rare beauty are very satisfying to gaze upon. A land which is best appreciated by the attentive and curious observer, rather than the normal tourist. In terms of history and archaeology, the whole area is very worthwhile to visit, with many Nuraghi, Domus de Janas, Fonti Sacre, Tombe dei Giganti and Menhir.

On foot, by bike, on horseback, by car or 4WD you can follow trekking routes to discover places which you won't easily forget. If, on the other hand, you wish to see the splendid Ogliastra coastline from the sea, there are boats to take you there.

Only the combination of sights and scents manages to fully describe Ogliastra's magic and harmony. You can't say you've really visited Sardinia if you don't spend at least a few days in Ogliastra!

Ogliastra, a land of magical beauty, is on the east coast of Sardinia. It's the area between the summits of the Gennargentu and the Tyrrhenian Sea, and is considered one of the island's most fascinating regions. Ogliastra covers a huge area, more than 1800 km2, and has a small proportion of low-lying coastal plains while most of the territory is comprised of hills that dominate both the coast and the interior.

Ogliastra requires an attentive, inquisitive gaze from the visitor, not the usual quick glance of the tourist. A region where Man has lived for centuries in respect of and in harmony with Nature. There are many archaeological remains, with many nuraghi , domus de janas, fonti sacre, tombe dei giganti and menhir.

On foot, by bike, on horseback, and by car or 4WD it's possible to go exploring and discover unforgettable places; you can walk from the mountains towards the sea following the route of underground streams in centuries-old woods, see flowers, wild animals, and reach incredibly-beautiful sandy bays.

But no description can fully describe the beauty and culture of Ogliastra and the hospitality of the people who live there. Only the interplay of images and scents can fully transmit Ogliastra's magic and harmony.


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  • Low Allergen Environment
  • Children welcome
  • Smoking allowed
  • Wheelchair inaccessible