Casa Rural Artorena Etxea


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Casa Artorena
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204 USD Per Night
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Navarra   Lizaso
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Casa Artorena is located in the center of Lizaso, a small village in the Valley of Ultzama in Navarra.

20 km north of Pamplona and 70 south of San Sebastian, the area is known as the "Navarre Switzerland", mainly because of the dominating green in its prairies and undulating forests of beech and oak. With mild temperatures in spring, summer, and fall and cooler in winter typical of the precantabric valleys of northern peninsula Ultzama is one of those places of the world that one visits and is stuck. Fourteen small towns between 50 and 150 inhabitants. Typical Basque houses of stone and wood well preserved. Flowers in windows and balconies as if their caregivers rivaled for being the most beautiful ....

Roads, trails, varied livestock grazing in its meadows, protected forests, leisure and sports areas, dairy processing companies, the famous curd of Ultzama and the various mycological menus in our inns and restaurants, as well as various accommodation proposals, Which, like our house seek the satisfaction of the visitor. Our environment is privileged. Ultzama2vecesverde is the concept that defines us: Green given by nature and green as a commitment to conservation, management, shared and sustainable use of resources.


The Artorena house is located in a small village of the Ultzama Valley in Navarre, Lizason.

20 kilometers from the north of Pamplona and 70 kilometers from the south of San Sebastián, it is a zone known as "nafartar Suiza", especially because the fields are green and the mountains are full of oaks and beans. With warm temperatures in the spring, summer and autumn, and the colder winter, the weather typical of the pre-Cantabrian valleys of the North Peninsula is one of the places where Ultzama is known and fascinated.

Fourteen small towns with 50 to 150 inhabitants. Traditional stone and wooden well-preserved farmhouses. Flower windows and balconies, as if their owners compete among themselves ... Trails, cattle ranch, sheltered forests, entertainment and sports facilities, Dairy transformation companies, the Ultzama brewery and multiple mycological menus in our hotels and restaurants, have different lodgings that seek to satisfy the visitor as our home. Our environment is privileged. Ultzama is a concept that defines green in green and green commitment to conservation, management, and resource sharing.


History: There is no written information about the origin of the house, although its morphology could be one of the first houses of stone and wood built in the valley to subsequently form part of a 14th century tower house. The shield on the facade dates from the end of the 18th century when the brothers Juan Felipe and Juan de Lizaso obtained the title of hidalguía and possibly replaced the old Romanesque shield of the palace of the armory by the present one.

Throughout the centuries its structure has been maintained although the house and the space that occupied initially were trimmed. In the year 1993 is rehabilitated combining to the maximum the character of robustness of the stone and the wood with the exigencias of comfort and habitabilidad present.


There is no home information about themselves; Nevertheless, in the valley with its morphology, it could have a stone and a wooden building, then XIV. Becoming a tower house in the twentieth century. The shield we can find in the courtyard of the 18th century. It is the end of the century, it seems that the Romanesque shield appeared before Juan Juan Felipe and Juan de Lizaso brothers.

For centuries, the structure of the house has been maintained, although the house and the space occupied were reduced. It was restored in 1993 with the stone and the whitish nature, always looking for comfort.


Artorena has three floors of 100 m2 each and a cozy rear garden of 150m2.

The entrance leads to the entrance to which a large scale model of the main street of Lizaso is located and which represents the traditional life of a winter day of the beginning of the nineteenth century: men pulling livestock to the fountain and the Women doing laundry in the laundry room. From there you access to the living room and from it to the kitchen equipped with a grill stove where you can enjoy your culinary skills. And from the kitchen comes to the back of the house in which the garden is located.


Artea has three floors, each of 100m2, and an elegant garden of 150m2 in the back of the house. The main entrance would be entrance, where we can find a model of the town, which represents the beginning of the 19th century, a winter day: men feed off fountains and clean clothes for women. From there we enter the living room and next to it we have a kitchen equipped with a snails. And with the end of the ground floor, we will appear in the kitchen garden.


The stairs located in the living room on the ground floor access to the upper floors. The first consists of two double rooms, a bathroom, and a lounge with a fireplace. And the second floor with sloping ceilings is composed of four double rooms and two bathrooms.

We will appear on the upper floors on the stairs that are located on the ground floor. In the first, there are two double bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room with a fireplace. In the second, we have four double bedrooms and two bathrooms, with roof-shaped roofs.