Casa Rural Les Llanielles


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Casa Rural Les Llanielles
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115 USD Per Night
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Asturias   Cangas de Onis
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Casa Rural Les Llanielles

The Casa Rural Les Llanielles is a typical Asturian Village House built around 1900, these Asturian Village Houses are characterized by being built with stone. Its wide stone walls perfectly isolate the house, getting both in summer and winter a very pleasant temperature.

It is also very characteristic of Asturian Village Houses from the beginning of the last century to always have a large balcony, here called a corridor, where the Asturian peasants dried part of the grain harvested and women tended the laundry to dry, but today will give the visitor A spectacular view of the Picos de Europa.

In 2010 it was decided to make a complete restoration of the house as well as the granary that is next to it.

The main idea that moved us to restore the house was to offer visitors a place where they can relax from daily stress and where to live fully with Asturian nature, experiencing all the emotions that the adventure in the field. Since we consider that there are many experiences to live and the emotions to feel, from the approach to the typical domestic animals in the villages, to the discovery of our wild native fauna and above all discover the people of Asturias with their great kindness and hospitality .

Likewise, the possibilities offered by the area of ​​the East of Asturias in terms of activities, are numerous:

We can visit Covadonga and take the opportunity to climb the Covadonga Lakes.
We can do the descent of the River Sella by canoe or if we are more daring, we can make descent of ravines, speleology, rafting, etc.

The Asturian beaches also offer numerous possibilities, due to their fine orange sands, for the diversity of unique spaces that they form (Playa de Gulpiyuri, buffets of Pría, ...) and for the transparent waters that they offer.

And after a day full of emotions and adventures you better enjoy a good dinner on the grill. Casa Rural Les Llanielles has a large area where to prepare a grill and enjoy an outdoor dinner taking advantage of the refreshing nights of Asturias.

A great advantage that offers us the Rural House Les Llanielles is that being in the village of Labra, is located in the center of the East of Asturias, this means that in very little time we can be in any of the places of interest Offers us the region.

A place that we can not miss when we are in Asutiras are Los Lagos de Covadonga, for its great beauty and uniqueness. Nor can we forget the Real Sitio de Covadonga with the Basilica and the Virgin of Covadonga, an image that is kept in the Cave with its impressive stream of water.

Very close to the Rural House Les Llanielles we have the town of Cangas de Onís known for its Roman Bridge which although at present presents a medieval image, nobody doubts that its origin was Roman since its main utility was to unite the banks of the River Sella to Continue in the conquest of territories.

Nor can we stop visiting the council of Cabrales for the majestic views that we can contemplate of the Picos de Europa and in particular the Naranjo de Bulnes. Of course, we should not leave this council without having tasted the typical Cabrales cheese (blue cheese with strong flavor and artisan processing in natural caves).

If you prefer to visit the beaches and ports of the eastern area, it is mandatory to visit the councils of Llanes, Ribadesella, Carabia and Colunga. In all of them we can enjoy magnificent beaches, always clean and cared for, of special beauty by the orography that makes them unique with their beautiful cliffs.

And finally something that characterizes us is our regional cuisine and that makes us feel very proud of it, who does not dare to taste a fantastic Asturian Fabada, or a steak of our Asturian Ternera accompanied by our Asturian Cider and to finish a delicious Rice With Milk or homemade Frisuelos.