Mountain Hostel Areva Valsain


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Mountain Hostel Areva Valsain
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15 USD Per Night
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Castilla y Leon   Segovia
Bed & Breakfast
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  • Cave Room 1 floor, 4 bunks beds (4 beds up + 4 accessible beds down) 
  • + 2 bunk beds temporary (4 beds not-accessible) 
  • 4 berths (4 low beds accessible for disabled guests) 
  • 2 extra berths (when no disabled)
  • Snow room, floor 2, four bunks beds (8 beds)
  • Room Forest, 2 floor, two bunks beds (4 beds)
  • Water Room, 2 floor, two bunks beds (4 beds)
  • Room Rock, 2 floor, 3 bunks beds (6 beds)

Located in La Pradera - Valsaín, in the heart of Guadarrama. From its windows we can see the summit of Peñalara and the Pine Forest of Valsaín (Sierra de Guadarrama National Park). 

Available for groups from 8 people. 34 beds distributed on two floors. :

1- First floor: 4 bedrooms of 4, 6 and 8 bunk beds; 4 showers and 3 independent toilets; technical office of Areva Valsaín.

2- Ground floor: one bedroom with 8 beds (4 for disabled) + 2 bunk beds more when people are not wheelchair-friendly; shower and toilets adapted; kitchen for breakfast, multipurpose room; indoor climbing wall of 7 to 9 m of height and 8 ways; warehouse and bike repair tools. Garden area.

Areva Valsaín offers you the most incredible places practicing the most exciting sports. We are specialists in the initial and continuous training of Physical Education professionals and outdoor sports. Nature is the perfect playing field for the integral development of children and young people. We set up climbing walls, manufacture press, edit guides in nature and orientation plans.

Indoor Climbing Wall - You do not have to worry about the timpo it does. Our covered climbing wall has 8 different pathways, from 7 to 9 meters in height. It allows activities of initiation and familiarization with climbing and training courses. The first three meters fall to facilitate training sessions on board and everything in a pleasant and comfortable environment in the multipurpose room of our mountain hostel.

Center btt - The privileged location of our mountain lodge has motivated us to offer you some services of a btt center, which we will expand gradually. You currently have: accommodation with space to leave bikes, maintenance workshop, sale of basic spare parts, guides and routometers of the area, point of washing, transport service to take you or pick you up elsewhere, etc.

We are fortunate to live in a place where each season surprises more than the previous one. You have to see the explosion of greenery and color of spring, the freshness of our forests, rivers and reservoirs in summer, the thousand tontalities and the fruits and mushrooms of autumn and the inexhaustible possibilities of winter snowfall. We are ready to offer you activities all year round.

Spring - What better time for an excursion through the Berrocal de Ortigosa, a bike ride through the Cañada Real, an orienteering race in the Valsaín Forests ... 

Summer - An excursion to the Boilers of the Cambrones to bathe in its crystalline pools. Canoeing through the reservoir of the Ponton Alto. Climb along the Chorro Grande. Play in your pool in an exclusive activity: Pisciguismo. A peaceful walk through the pine forests of Valsaín.

Winter - Discover our Mountain Range with a Nordic Skiing or Snowshoeing route. We rent the material and guide you to know the best places. You can also stay in our Mountain Hostel to be closer still to the summits of the Guadarrama National Park, its winter crossings with mountain skis, ascents by its channels and slave on ice.

Autumn - Hiking  or mountain biking, days of mycology and many more activities to enjoy this National Park in such a magical period.

A multitude of activities for you to enjoy the Guadarrama Segoviano and other natural spaces of the province of Segovia.

  • Hiking and mountaineering 
  • Activities for the disabled 
  • Climbing in our climbing wall or in rock 
  • Canoeing in Canadian Canoes 
  • Orienteering and GPS Geocaching
  • Nordic or cross-country skiing (initiation courses, guided tours) 
  • Nordic routes with snowshoes 
  • Mountain bike routes, bike maintenance, self-guided itineraries 
  • Caveing and potholing at the basic level 
  • Self-emptying kayak pits
  • Forest baths