The Pitons Stargroves - overlooking the Pitons


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The Pitons Stargroves - overlooking the Pitons
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280 USD Per Night
Saint Lucia
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Saint Lucia   Soufriere
Guest House
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Sometimes a house captures and expresses the spirit of a place so perfectly that it seems to be part of the natural landscape. Pitons Stargroves, perhaps the most unique villa in the Caribbean, is one such home. Located on a gently rolling hill near the tiny village of Morne La Croix, just a few miles from the sleepy port of Soufrière on the southwest side of St. Lucia - a region of small fishing villages, mountains and valleys, carpeted in rain forest, which seasoned travelers often speak of nostalgically as "the way the Caribbean used to be" - the villa looks as if it had actually grown right out of Gros Piton Mountain. 

Built from native materials - Greenheart wood from the St. Lucia rain forest and volcanic rock that bubbled to the surface millions of years ago - the villa makes full advantage of its natural surroundings. The west side of the house is an "open wall," inviting one of the world's most breathtaking views into every room. It's also open (literally) to the fresh sea breezes of the Pitons valley and so well ventilated naturally that there's no need for air-conditioning.

Step out onto the villa's multiple decks and take in the panorama of the western cliff of the Gros Piton and the majestic Petit Piton - symbols of St. Lucia and a World Heritage Site - against the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea. 

The villa has a spacious living room with a volcanic waterfall as its central theme and a full-size dining room that seats eight in complete comfort. There's a master bedroom suite, with a king-size bed, private sitting deck and full bathroom. Two guest bedrooms (one with a king-size bed, the other with twin beds) share an adjoining bathroom. The bathrooms are uniquely designed with shower stalls (but not tubs) cut into the volcanic rock. A third-story tower serves as a private sitting room or sleeping area. Because of the open design, expect to see small visitors now and then - innocent little lizards and frogs that come and go, happy to be left to their harmless ways, as you relax in the safe and cozy calm under the netting of your four-poster bed. 

Pitons Stargroves was built for seclusion and intimacy and it's a tradition we seek to preserve. The villa has no television, telephone or internet connection. You'll need a cell phone to access the outside world and the staff. But our guests prefer it that way. Some never leave the villa grounds at all during their stay…with its inexhaustible scenery and setting, the villa is a real world unto itself. Enjoy your own scenic swimming pool fed by a small stone waterfall, for a private, refreshing dip just outside your door. 

Comfort and privacy are guaranteed by the villa's 24-hour staff of two, Mary and Pious, who are available to clean, arrange sightseeing tours or to be your personal guides on island adventures. Mary, who serves as housekeeper, will be glad to cook for you as well in exchange of a fee. Please note that the guests are also responsible for buying groceries and drinks. 

While there are no resort services or activities directly around the villa, the Jalousie Plantation Hotel and a superb public beach are only five minutes by car. The award-winning Dasheene Restaurant at the world famous Ladera Resort is also just a short drive away. For hiking enthusiasts, the Gros Piton Nature Trail sits right in the villa's backyard. For travel from the villa, you can arrange for a car rental, or use the services of Ben, our dedicated taxi driver (taxi fares extra). 

Please note: This property is not suitable for young children because of the tower in the house and the open stairway to the pool.