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Vacation Home Rents

Vacation Home Rents is one of the world’s largest vacation rental marketplaces and distribution networks. Whether you are looking for a mountain cabin, a beach house, villa rental, vacation cottage or private home vacation rental, Vacation Home Rents has a huge selection of vacation rental properties to choose from. Begin planning your next vacation today!.

Over 65,000 Rentals

When you search Vacation Home Rents, you have more than 65,000 vacation rentals to choose from. If you know where you want to go, search. If not, let us inspire you!

120 Countries

With properties across 120 countries, you can take your dream vacation in Belize, Norway, China, or any other country.

16 Languages

All of our Vacation Home Rents vacation rental property listings are published in 16 languages. Speak with a property owner in their native language, by utilizing our automated translation system!

Viewed By 6 Million People Monthly

More than 6 million travelers just like you view vacation rental property listings from Vacation Home Rents each month! We have properties to satisfy any budget,destination, or taste!

Last Minute Deals and Discounts

You can find great deals on vacation rental properties with deep discounts for last-minute bookings, long stays, and early-bird bookings. Find specials by browsing your favorite destination, or check out our Special Deals site.