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What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in India?
Local Events & Festivals


Holi Festival is a festival full of childlike innocence. Like Tomato Festival in Spain, this religious festival is more like an invention of children's pranks. Therefore, this is a long-awaited festival for children. The impulse to hit people with water polo makes them eager to try. At the risk of being reprimanded by their parents, children have attacked passers-by on the balcony a week before the festival.

Lantern Festival

Diwali is a religious festival in India, and it is also the most popular one. People not only decorate the Lantern Festival but also light a kind of pottery lamp, a small bowl shape, which is filled with butter and cotton wick and can be burned for a long time. This kind of light points to dozens of lamps, which are used in the Pooja ceremony of the Diwali festival. This kind of traditional lamp and modern string lamp complement each other, lighting the city and countryside. Not only at home, road and building lighting are also very beautiful, a string of colorful lights hanging up. This is also a custom to welcome the God of wealth on the Lantern Festival. Diwali, like other religious festivals in India, is vegetarian. In addition, the family will prepare a lot of nuts and Indian sweets for guests.

Where to visit in order to explore art and culture in India?
Art & Culture Places

Mehrangarh Fort & Museum

Standing on the 125-meter high cliff, it is the most spectacular and well-preserved castle in Rajasthan state. The castle is surrounded by ramparts, majestic, and the beautiful palace in the castle adds dignity to it. To get to its first gate, tourists have to travel 5 kilometers along the winding mountain road at the bottom of the mountain. It is one of the most spectacular castles in India, full of anecdotes and historical legends. This is also the best viewing platform for a panoramic view of the blue city. The candlelight dinner provided by the restaurant under the castle can make your trip more romantic.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple is located in Amritsar, the center of Sikhism activities. It is the largest Sikh temple. The temple is located in the middle of a pool called the "holy pool". The whole building combines Hindu and Islamic styles. The top of the building is a circular dome surrounded by round towers. Three-quarters of the upper part of the Golden Temple is plated with gold. Under the sunlight, it looks magnificent. The shape of the temple is like an inverted lotus flower. The pool water in front of the temple is said to have healing power. Pilgrims from all over the world bathe in the "holy water". There are 60,000 to 80,000 pilgrims who eat free after praying every day to help clean the mountain of dishes.

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in India?
Hidden Gems

Andaman Islands

An isolated island in the Indian Ocean is said to have been a place of exile for criminals, and now it is also a naval base of India. Rose Island was the administrative headquarters of the Andaman Islands before the 1941 earthquake. At present, the ruins of old buildings on the island are surrounded by trees, including churches, prisons, hospitals, pastry shops, publishing houses, swimming pools, army barracks, gardens and banquet halls of the former administrator. In December 1993, a museum was set up on the island, uninhabited, and now a tourist destination. The old buildings on this island are surrounded by woods. Havelock island is a famous diving resort in the Andaman Islands. The sea area here is relatively primitive, where you can see all kinds of coral reefs and marine life. There is a professional diving center on the island, which can provide training and equipment for you who want to dive.

Nako Village

Nako is a beautiful, undeveloped village. At 3,625 meters above sea level, it is located in the Hangrang Valley, a Lakeside Village on the China and India border. Snow-covered mountains, lush green plants, and pristine lakes make it one of the most beautiful places in Himachal. There are willow and poplar plantations around the lake. In summer, the lake is equipped with boating facilities, and tourists can row on Lake Nako. When winter comes, it becomes a magic fairyland wrapped in snow, making it perfect for skiing.

What are the recommended places to eat and drink in India?
Recommended Local Food & Drinks

Bukhara is the restaurant of the Luxury Collection ITC Maurya hotel in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 1977. In 2007, it was famous for being one of the best restaurants in Asia. As a result, it is well known in Delhi that the price is high. This restaurant is good at making delicious food on the northwest border of India. Be sure to try the roast lamb here. Bill Gates and Clinton have visited here. Many tourists come in admiration. In addition to positioning in advance, they should also try to go out in advance. Usually, by 7 or 8 p.m., the place is already full. In the five-star hotel restaurant, the environment is very good, the price is better, but it is worth it. The menu is made of thick wooden blocks, and the open kitchen behind transparent glass allows diners and chefs to interact.

United coffee house, which was opened by the British in 1942, is a restaurant with a long history. It mainly supplies Western food and traditional Indian food, with a variety of dishes and unique taste. Decoration and interior decoration are very interesting, the main pillars and beams are a unique style, there is a kind of simple and quiet aesthetic feeling. There is French butler service, the barbecue is delicious, the steak is also very tender, wine is expensive.

Which local pharmacy and grocery stores are popular in India?
Pharmacy & Grocery Stores

Ambience Mall is the largest shopping mall in the area. There is a big supermarket in the shopping mall. 

Sadar Bazaar is located in the center of the old city. It is very busy. Almost all daily necessities can be bought here. It is also the best place to observe the daily life of Indians.

What are the travel peak seasons in India?
Peak Seasons

April to October has the highest temperature in a year in India. The temperature can reach above 40 degrees. The temperature in northern India will be lower. July is not the rainy season. In terms of climate types, most of India belongs to tropical monsoon climate, with relatively high temperature throughout the year, which can be divided into the hot season, rainy season and cool season. From November to March of the following year, most places are not hot. However, Chennai in the south is always above 30 degrees. The northern Kashmir mountain area is extremely cold in winter, and it snows. Those who like snow can go in winter. To see the scenery, Kashmir is the best to visit from May to September. Other places are good from March to October.

What are the nightlife spots in India?
Nightlife Spots

Many are in the center of Connaught square. Please note that the legal drinking age in Delhi is 25 years old and age proof may be required.

The most popular new entrant to the club in Delhi, Privee won the best nightclub Award for time food and nightlife in 2017. The sprawling gathering area covers more than 10,335 square feet and includes a huge dance floor and VIP area. It aims to provide a world-class, luxurious, and futuristic experience. Music is mainly commercial, Bollywood, and EDM.

How to get around in India?

India has three major international airports: Mumbai Airport, New Delhi Airport, and Madras Airport. When you come to India, you must experience the train. India's train network is very comprehensive. All major cities can travel by train. Trains in India are safe. The bus is also the most common inland transportation in India. India operates a very mature Volvo air-conditioned bus. The upper floor can be arranged side by side to form a relatively private air-conditioning space for two people. If no proper train can be reserved, the bus is also a good choice. Bus tickets can be purchased through travel agency stores or bus stops. Different bus companies, different seat types, and different models have different prices. For details, please visit (most of the local travel agencies in India are on this website) check the time and fare reference. TUV is the most commonly used means of transportation in the city. 

What are the activities in India that are family friendly?
Family Friendly Activities

Varkala beach is the only beach in southern India with cliff views. It is said that the seawater here is holy water, only one drop can wash away the sin of a lifetime. The South Varkala cliff beach in India is famous for its red cliff, white sand beach, black sand beach, and coconut sea breeze. Varkala is known as the best beach in South India and has the most beautiful sunset. In the morning, Varkala is very beautiful. There is a yoga and Dharma meeting on the beach in the morning. And it is a perfect destination for the journey, with sunshine, seawater, temples, beaches.

Whether traveling with friends, family holidays, or even corporate vacations, Goa Baga's pristine beaches and unparalleled hospitality attract thousands of tourists every year. Just hop on a rental motorbike, put on an explorer's hat, and find the perfect Portuguese church, or the quiet little beach that makes you excited. Be sure to taste delicious seafood in one of the many beach houses there. 

What are the must-visit places in India?
Must See Attractions

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is known as one of the new seven wonders of the world, and it is a must-visit scenic spot for tourists to India. Although it is a mausoleum, it does not have the silence of the mausoleum. On the contrary, it seems to float between heaven and earth. The harmonious and symmetrical architecture, the garden, and the reflection in the water blend together, creating a miracle that has amazed countless visitors. The reason why the Taj Mahal is famous is not only for its great architectural art but also for its gorgeous decorative style. The architecture of the Taj Mahal is carved with Koran calligraphy. The black Koran and white marble reflect each other, forming a strange decorative style. In addition, the touching love story makes people yearn for it. 


The Ganges River is located in the north of India and is a major river in South Asia. The Ganges is a sacred river in the eyes of Hindus, and also a symbol of ancient Indian civilization. Every morning, countless Hindus gather here to bathe, purify themselves, wash clothes, or worship. The Bank of Ganges River is 6.7 km long and has 64 ports. On the Bank of the river are temples of different styles, one by one, forming a steep cliff. The sunrise is the most beautiful moment of Ganges. Visitors can enjoy the sunrise while watching Hindus meditate, wash and pray along the Ganges River. When the night comes, you can enjoy a mysterious, ancient and traditional memorial ceremony, accompanied by lighting lights, dancing, scattering flowers and singing. The Ganges River in Varanasi is the best way to show the colorful life of citizens and believers.


Darjeeling is located in the Siwalik mountains at the foot of the Himalayas, bordering Sikkim and Tibet in China. It is a famous summer resort and tourist center in India. Here the terrain is high, in the west of the city observatory (2973 meters above sea level), you can overlook Mount Everest. The climate here is humid all year-round, and the weather is favorable, so the famous Dajiling tea garden is formed. There are tea gardens, terraces, and clear snow mountains and rivers. In addition, there are many other tourist attractions in Darjeeling, such as Lloyd botanical garden, aerial ropeway, tiger mountain, etc. Darjeeling is not only a summer resort with beautiful scenery but also can enjoy the magnificent sunrise of the Himalayas and overlook the majestic posture of Jincheng Zhangjia, the third highest mountain in the world. There are also many forms of entertainment suitable for young people. It is a holy land for music lovers. Singing and playing musical instruments are common pastimes for residents. Western music and Nepalese rock music are also very popular among young people. It is a unique way to experience Darjeeling by taking the steam train which is rated as the world's cultural heritage.

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