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What Are The Well Liked Rental Amenities in Saint Pete Beach, FL?

Best Amenities in Saint Pete Beach, FL

There are in total of 16 rental amenities in Saint Pete Beach, shown above with the property numbers. In Saint Pete Beach, 7973 rentals offer Internet or Wifi, 7834 rentals offer Air Conditioning, 7777 rentals offer TV. So, if you need Internet or Wifi during your vacation, use the Internet or Wifi filter to compare these properties. Two amenities that are not typical are Kitchen, Fireplace.

How Does The Vacation Home Rental Price Look Like in Saint Pete Beach, FL?

Vacation Condo & House Rental Price Information in Saint Pete Beach, FL

The graph shows the percentages of vacation homes in each price bucket. Saint Pete Beach has the largest percentage (31.62%) of homes in $100 - $150 price range.
$0 to 50
$0 to 50
$50 to 100
$50 to 100
$100 to 150
$100 to 150
$150 to 200
$150 to 200
$200 to 250
$200 to 250
$250 to 300
$250 to 300
$300 to 350
$300 to 350
$350 to 400
$350 to 400
$400 to 450
$400 to 450
$450 to 500
$450 to 500
$500 +
$500 +
What Are The Most Liked Rental Accommodations in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Rental Property Types in Saint Pete Beach, FL
There are various types of homes in Saint Pete Beach area. Depending on your group size, you can pick the one using filters accordingly. Condo is the most popular accommodation type, and the largest homes can accommodate 100 people.The least popular accommodation in Saint Pete Beach is Farmhouse rentals
How Many Rental Accommodations Are Pets Friendly in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Pets Allowed vs Not Allowed in Saint Pete Beach, FL
18.61% of vacation homes in Saint Pete Beach are pet friendly. Make sure you select the pet friendly home filter when you are going to bring your pet(s) for the upcoming vacation.
Where Should We Visit in Saint Pete Beach, FL Area?
Points of Interests In Saint Pete Beach, FL

The most common & popular places (a.k.a points of interests) here in Saint Pete Beach are:

Which Airports Should I Choose To Get To Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Suggested Airports in Saint Pete Beach, FL

3 airport(s) close to Saint Pete Beach are:

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Hidden Gems

Dolphin Watch Cruise with Snorkeling to Shell Key: during this cruise, dolphins, and manatees can be found in the natural habitat of Boca Ciega Bay. After exploring the Bay, head to the Gulf of Mexico and visit the Shell Key Island, a protected area at the Tampa Bay, where you can dive, swim, walk on the beach, and see manatees in the warm seasons.

Where to visit in order to explore art and culture in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Art & Culture Places

Gulf Beaches Historical Museum: The museum's collection is located in the first church of Pass-a-Grill. The museum's collection highlights the early development of life in the community and constantly introduces new exhibits. The address is 115 10th ave, St Pete Beach, FL 33706.

What are the travel peak seasons in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Peak Seasons

It is warm and humid throughout the year, hot and rainy in summer, warm in winter, and the annual temperature is above zero. The best travel season is from March to May and from June to July.

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Trip Planning

2-Day Itinerary

Day 1: After arriving at Saint Pete Beach, choose a restaurant for lunch. In the afternoon and evening, choose the Dolphin Watch Cruise with Snorkeling to Shell Key cruise line. In the evening, enjoy the music and beautiful scenery at Salty's Tiki Bar and Beach Lounge.

Day 2: in the morning, visit Pass-a-Grille, and enjoy the beautiful beach scenery.

What are the activities in Saint Pete Beach, FL that are family friendly?
Family Friendly Activities

Saint Pete Beach is suitable for family travel as a whole, and the family can choose to play on the beach or choose a cruise. But pay attention to family members with seasickness symptoms.

What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Local Events & Festivals

Saint Pete Beach has a variety of routes to enjoy and play with dolphins.

Swim with The Fish: in a huge aquarium, visitors can swim with more than 30 kinds of fish. You can also have a behind the scenes tour to see how the aquarium works.

How to get around in Saint Pete Beach, FL?

The airport nearby is Tampa Airport. After arriving at Tampa Airport, you can drive or take a taxi or bus (No.35, No.812, No.78 bus) to Saint Pete Beach.

What are the must-visit places in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Must See Attractions

Saint Pete Beach: the beach scenery is very beautiful, stepping on the soft white sand is very enjoyable. There are seagulls on the beach. Tourists can pick up shells and take a walk on the beach. There are also entertainment activities for children on the beach.

Upham Beach: the beach is wide and beautiful, the temperature is moderate, and there are many vendors who provide cabins and lounges for rent. There are several beach bars that offer music, food, and drink. Music starts at about 1 p.m. on weekends, but at 6 p.m. on weekdays.

Pass-a-Grille: it is a beach area with a long history, including restaurants, shopping, fishing, bicycle rental, boat tours, and comfortable hotels and motels. On the beach, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach and have a wonderful day at the seaside.

What are the nightlife spots in Saint Pete Beach, FL?
Nightlife Spots

Salty's Tiki Bar and Beach Lounge: this is the place to enjoy wine on the beach. It's a beach lounge. Here you can enjoy light food, frozen drinks, cold beer or a glass of wine, and also the live music.

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