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What Are The Best Rental Amenities in Saint Simons Island, GA?

Saint Simons Island, GA Rental Amenities

Above shows the popular amenities in Saint Simons Island and the number of the rental properties associated with each amenity. In Saint Simons Island, 1149 rentals offer Internet or Wifi, 1031 rentals offer Washer & Dryer, 1030 rentals offer TV. So, if you need Internet or Wifi during your vacation, use the Internet or Wifi filter to compare these properties. Two amenities that are not typical are Hot Tub, Fireplace.

Which Price Range Is Considered As A Good Deal in Saint Simons Island, GA Area?

Vacation Condo & House Rental Price Information in Saint Simons Island, GA

The graph shows the percentages of vacation homes in each price bucket. Saint Simons Island has the largest percentage (30.95%) of homes in $100 - $150 price range.
$0 to 50
$0 to 50
$50 to 100
$50 to 100
$100 to 150
$100 to 150
$150 to 200
$150 to 200
$200 to 250
$200 to 250
$250 to 300
$250 to 300
$300 to 350
$300 to 350
$350 to 400
$350 to 400
$400 to 450
$400 to 450
$450 to 500
$450 to 500
$500 +
$500 +
How Many Accommodations Are Pets Allowed in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Pets Allowed vs Not Allowed in Saint Simons Island, GA
26.43% of vacation homes in Saint Simons Island are pet friendly. Make sure you select the pet friendly home filter when you are going to bring your pet(s) for the upcoming vacation.
What Are The Must-Visit Places in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Tourist Attractions In Saint Simons Island, GA

The most common & popular places (a.k.a points of interests) here in Saint Simons Island are:

Trail Recommendations in Saint Simons Island, GA Area?
Must Visit Trails In Saint Simons Island, GA
The most visited trails here in Saint Simons Island are: Brunswick-Overlook Park Trail, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island Bike Trail, Whiteoak Trailhead - GA Coast Rail to Trail, Sapelo Island Lighthouse Trail, Crooked River: Crooked River State Park to Brickhall Bluff, CINP - Stafford Beach, Parallel Trail, Dungeness Loop Trail, Fort Clinch Trail.
Best Campgrounds in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Top Rated Campgrounds In Saint Simons Island, GA
The best RV campgrounds here in Saint Simons Island are: Little Talbot Island Campground, Fort Clinch Campground, Jacksonville North / St. Marys KOA, Crooked River Campground, Jekyll Island Campground, Skidaway Island Campground, Fort McAllister Campground, Savannah South KOA, Laura S Walker Campground, General Coffee Campground.
What are the Airports in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Suggested Airports in Saint Simons Island, GA

2 airport(s) close to Saint Simons Island are:

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Trip Planning

2-Day Trip Itinerary

First day visit St. Simons Island and Christ church.

The next day, visit the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum and the World War II home front Museum.

What are the must-visit places in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Must See Attractions

Christ Church

Located next to Frederica Rd, which connects the island of Saint Simon and the ocean island, it is a hidden treasure with a rustic colonial flavor. Located in a cemetery with a history of more than 200 years, consisting of living oak trees and Spanish moss, the Christian Church has established the peace and joy pursued by the believers.

St. Simons Island

St Simons is a great island that can spend time on beaches and calm waters. It is suitable for people who love fishing, boating and other water sports. On land, there are many shops and restaurants, and the quality is very high. Although it welcomes visitors, St. Simmons is a permanent Island, so tourists and locals are always busy. Perfect for families.

What are the travel peak seasons in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Peak Seasons

Georgia has a subtropical humid climate. Due to the latitude, and close to the warm water ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, the climate is pleasant throughout the year. The temperature is between 27 ℃ and 35 ℃ in summer, and there is a small amount of snow in northern Georgia in winter. The average annual precipitation is 1270 mm.

Summer is the peak season and winter is the off-season.

How to get around in Saint Simons Island, GA?

Airport: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is located 7 miles south of the center of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. the three-character code of the airport is ATL. It is the aviation base of Delta Airlines, Georgia airlines, and cross airlines, among which the delta aviation center is the largest aviation center in the world. Atlanta Jackson Airport has become the busiest airport in the world with 89.4 million passengers and 994346 flights in 2007. Atlanta Jackson Airport has received a large number of flights from other cities in the United States and has become the main flight transit station in the southern United States. Atlanta Jackson International Airport provides flights to North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is the seventh-largest airport for international passengers to arrive in the United States, while Kennedy International Airport in New York ranks first. However, more and more passengers choose Atlanta Jackson Airport as the starting point for flights to other countries.

The Atlanta tram, which provides 12 stops along a 2.7-mile loop, is a viable choice between downtown and east side attractions. Just a few steps from the rail station, attractions include Centennial Olympic Park, University Rugby Hall of fame, and Martin Luther King Jr. national historic site. Trams run every 10 to 15 minutes every week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Saturdays, and from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Sundays, the average operation time is 10-15 minutes. However, the exact time may be different during the holidays. The one-way fare is $1 and the daily fare is $3.

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in Saint Simons Island, GA?
Hidden Gems

St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

Explore lovely little museums, gift shops, and antique buildings. Make sure you have enough time to climb all the way to the top of the mountain, and when you climb the steps inside the lighthouse, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island and the sea. You can also learn about the history of the Second World War.

World War II home front Museum

St. Simon Island and Brunswick, Georgia, played an important role in the Second World War. Brunswick was the home of a large shipbuilding company, which built four free boats a month. These warships provided Britain and Russia with valuable and much-needed resources before and during the war. Saint Simon island has an airport and a radar training school. Airships fly out of the area in search of German U-boats, which is a terrible threat to the east coast. If you go to Brunswick and take a historic hike, you will see a model of a liberty ship and houses built for thousands of shipbuilders. The home Museum, which is worth visiting, tells the true story of people from soldiers to housewives who participated in the war.

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