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How Does The Amenity Info Looks Like at San Juan?

Trending Vacation Rental Amenities in San Juan

Check above for the most common and the least popular rental amenities in San Juan, and pick the one that fits your preference easily. In San Juan, 516 rentals offer Internet or Wifi, 504 rentals offer Air Conditioning, 485 rentals offer Bed linens provided. So, if you need Internet or Wifi during your vacation, use the Internet or Wifi filter to compare these properties. Two amenities that are not typical are Fireplace, Hot Tub.

How Does The Vacation Home Rental Price Look Like in San Juan?

Vacation Apartment & House Rental Price Information in San Juan

The graph shows the percentages of vacation homes in each price bucket. San Juan has the largest percentage (24.11%) of homes in $100 - $150 price range.
$0 to 50
$0 to 50
$50 to 100
$50 to 100
$100 to 150
$100 to 150
$150 to 200
$150 to 200
$200 to 250
$200 to 250
$250 to 300
$250 to 300
$300 to 350
$300 to 350
$350 to 400
$350 to 400
$400 to 450
$400 to 450
$450 to 500
$450 to 500
$500 +
$500 +
Which Accommodations Should I Pick in San Juan?
Most Picked Accommodations in San Juan
There are various types of homes in San Juan area. Depending on your group size, you can pick the one using filters accordingly. Apartment is the most popular accommodation type, and the largest homes can accommodate 27 people.The least popular accommodation in San Juan is Building rentals
How Many Rental Accommodations Are Pets Friendly in San Juan?
Percentage of Pet Friendly Rental Properties in San Juan
23.03% of vacation homes in San Juan are pet friendly. Either you bring your loved pets on vacation or you have pet allergies, make sure to select the homes by applying the right filters.
What are the travel peak seasons in San Juan?
Peak Seasons

It belongs to a tropical rain forest climate with sufficient rainfall. The average temperature in January is 24 ℃ and that in July is 27 ℃. All seasons are suitable for tourism.

What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in San Juan?
Local Events & Festivals

San Juan Battista Festival: July 24 every year

San Juan Battista is the patron saint of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Now, this festival has become the most important folk festival in San Juan. During the festival, citizens have to go to the beach, where barbecue, singing and dancing. At midnight, people go into the sea and immerse themselves in the water nine times in a row. It is said that all the evils in the body can be removed.


From the day after Thanksgiving to the three kings' day on January 6. Christmas in San Juan is more than 12 days. During the six week Festival, visitors can enjoy the Christmas decorations that appear in families, businesses, and the whole street. In Puerto Rico, you should also see its famous festival tradition - a group of Carols called Parrandas.

What are the must-visit places in San Juan?
Must See Attractions

Old San Juan

The first impression of San Juan's old city is the bright and colorful Spanish style houses and the blue brick road which has experienced the vicissitudes of history, as well as the lovely and cute kittens on the street.

Castillo de San Cristóbal

San Juan has been occupied by Spaniards for the past 500 years. In history, France, the Netherlands, Britain, and other countries have tried to capture this important and strategic town. It has an indelible strategic significance for controlling the Caribbean Sea area, and it has become a place for strategists to fight for.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

The castle is surrounded by beautiful scenery, overlooking the entire Old San Juan city and the coastline. Outside the castle is a wide and flat lawn, and inside the castle is a big square. There is a Spanish weapon exhibition, and on the third Sunday of each month, there is an ancient ammunition exercise.

Where to visit in order to explore art and culture in San Juan?
Art & Culture Places

Museo de arte de Puerto Rico

The museum is full of works by local artists in Puerto Rico. The exhibits are well arranged, and the exhibition hall is simple and atmospheric. The museum courtyard environment is beautiful. Moreover, the exhibits cover the works of art of various periods in Puerto Rico, and some modern and contemporary works are very exciting. For example, there are three-dimensional reproductions of classic works.

Address: 299 de Diego Ave., Santurce, San Juan, 00909, Puerto Rico.

Business hours: Sunday: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.; Thursday Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

San Juan Gate

Walking through this door, you can see the blue sea at a glance. The sunlight just shines on the sea, reflecting the wave light. There are towering old trees planted on the paths on both sides of the door.

Address: La Fortaleza, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Business hours: 12:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m;

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in San Juan?
Hidden Gems

La Fortaleza - Palacio de Santa Catalina

There are many places worthy of discovery in the old city of San Juan. The cobblestone trail extends between many old Spanish style buildings. The old city wall of the military base also has some bullet marks, potholes.

How to get around in San Juan?

Airports: (1) Luis Munoz Marin International Airport: it is the hub port of American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines. (2) Isla Grande airport, Isla Grande Airport.

Harbor: San Juan Port harbor is the commercial port of the capital of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean islands. 

Public Transportation: San Juan's public transport is the light rail, bus, and minibus, all of which can be found on the local public transport website.

What are the nightlife spots in San Juan?
Nightlife Spots

The below-listed location may not be the exact nightlife spots, but great places to visit if you like drink wines and love cigars. 

The Cigar House

Recommendations: tobacco and wine; various grades of cigars are available, from Cuba to Puerto Rico, local handmade cigars, and European machine-made cigars.

Bacardi Distillery Entry

Visit the factory to learn about the history of the winery, the production of wine products, tasting of drinks, purchasing souvenirs, and drinks.

What are the activities in San Juan that are family friendly?
Family Friendly Activities

Old San Juan

Old San Juan, an old town in San Juan, is a small town with a lot of amorous feelings. It is a typical small island town. The paths paved with green bricks rise and fall, and the Caribbean style buildings on both sides are bright and pleasant. It seems that you have come to a fairy tale town. There are many interesting handcraft shops on both sides of the street. The price is reasonable. There are three free tourist buses in the old city. However, the old city is not big either. You may as well walk and take photos on your own to appreciate the colorful colors of the Caribbean. 

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in San Juan?
Trip Planning

One day tour: take a day to experience the charm of San Juan.

The first stop: San Juan old city tour.

The second stop: Castillo de San Cristobal (the specific address of the parking lot is 315 Calle Recintosur, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico) is near umbrella street, located in Calle Fortaleza, and at the end of the street is the official residence of the governor of Puerto Rico.

The third stop: Morro castle.

The fourth stop: Casa Bacardi, taste the wine.

Final stop: Cueva Del Indio beach.

Vacation Destinations Near San Juan

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