About VacationHomeRents

VacationHomeRents.com empowers users with the data and tools to easily find and compare the best vacation rental apartments, cabins, houseboats, beach houses, and RV deals, all in one place. With one simple click, VacationHomeRents.com searches millions of listings across Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and more. Using the tools and guides developed by the VacationHomeRents team, travelers can feel confident they are making informed travel decisions and booking at the best available price.

About the founders

Allan Jiang, co-founder of VacationHomeRents.com, is a travel enthusiast and frequent traveler, taking 20-30 trips each year. In a story that will resonate with travelers the world over, Allan was inspired to create VacationHomeRents.com after spending hours comparing different combinations of rates, dates, and accommodation options across multiple websites in dozens of browser tabs in order to find the best deal. In an effort to forge a better path, Allan launched VacationHomeRents.com to empower travelers as they search for destination information and the best deals on vacation rentals from across the internet, all with one simple click.