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What Are The Best Rental Amenities in Indian Lake, OH?

Best Amenities in Indian Lake, OH

There are in total of 15 rental amenities in Indian Lake, shown above with the property numbers. In Indian Lake, 55 rentals offer Air Conditioning, 53 rentals offer TV, 51 rentals offer Parking Available. So, if you need Air Conditioning during your vacation, use the Air Conditioning filter to compare these properties. Two amenities that are not typical are Pool, Hot Tub.

Which Price Range Is Considered As A Good Deal in Indian Lake, OH Area?

Vacation House & Cottage Rental Price Information in Indian Lake, OH

The graph shows the percentages of vacation homes in each price bucket. Indian Lake has the largest percentage (29.09%) of homes in $100 - $150 price range.
$0 to 50
$0 to 50
$50 to 100
$50 to 100
$100 to 150
$100 to 150
$150 to 200
$150 to 200
$200 to 250
$200 to 250
$250 to 300
$250 to 300
$300 to 350
$300 to 350
$350 to 400
$350 to 400
$400 to 450
$400 to 450
$450 to 500
$450 to 500
$500 +
$500 +
How Many Accommodations Are Pets Allowed in Indian Lake, OH?
Pets Allowed vs Not Allowed in Indian Lake, OH
18.97% of vacation homes in Indian Lake are pet friendly. Make sure you select the pet friendly home filter when you are going to bring your pet(s) for the upcoming vacation.
Where Should We Visit in Indian Lake, OH Area?
Points of Interests In Indian Lake, OH

When you have only limited times to spend in Indian Lake, we highly recommend you to visit those famous places:

How Many Airports in Indian Lake, OH?
Top Airports in Indian Lake, OH

Here are the airports that located near Indian Lake:

What are the activities in Indian Lake, OH that are family friendly?
Family Friendly Activities

Indian Lake has over 4,000 campsites available, some with electric and others with full hookups. There are even camping sites designed for boaters. Spending a long weekend camping at the lake with your family is a great way to reconnect and relax. Find a nice picnic spot or set up at one of the shelters on Old Field Beach, Blackhawk, Fox Island, or Moundwood.

There are several biking and walking trails around Indian Lake. The Indian Lake Bikeway is a three-mile path with beautiful scenic views while the Pew Island Trail is one mile and circles Pew Island with lake views that are also amazing. The Cherokee Trail is a three-mile walking trail that meanders through the woods around Indian Lake Campground.

Armstrong Air and Space Museum is just a short 20-minute drive from Indian Lake at 500 Apollo Drive, Wapakoneta. Plans for this museum began soon after Neil Armstrong, a native of Wapakoneta, walked on the moon in 1969. It opened in 1972 and stands as a repository for Ohio’s aeronautical history as well as to Armstrong himself.

One of the oldest businesses in the area is the Indian Lake Rollarena. The entire family will enjoy the games, music, and lights as you skate on a floor that was recently renovated. They even offer hoverboard sessions for those who prefer not to skate on four small wheels. The skating rink 330 Taylor Street in Russells Point.

Dunns Pond Indian Mounds are historic Native American mounds lying along the southeast corner of the lake. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a potential archeological site. The site can be found at the corner of Mound and Mohawk Streets. They were built by the people of the Hopewell culture and it is believed there were once 24 of the mounds around the lake.

A glacial remnant left by the Wisconsin Glaciation as it retreated between 12,000 and 18,000 years ago, Cedar Bog offers an amazing boardwalk trail where you can view rare and endangered plants along with animals that inhabit the area. It is located at 980 Woodburn Road in Urbana and is about an hour’s drive from Indian Lake.

About a half-hour from Indian Lake is Marmon Valley Farms, a family-owned farm where you can visit with chickens, goats, cows, miniature horses, and rabbits. They also offer horseback riding, a climbing wall, hayrides, and barn dances. You can find the farm at 7754 State Route 292 South in Zanesfield.

John and Mary Rudolph Nature Area, located in Russells Point, is 53-acres of wetlands, wildflowers, butterflies and more. The area offers three miles of trails with benches scattered around where you can relax and enjoy the views. There is also a kayak drop-in on the river should you and the family choose to do some kayaking or canoeing. Find the nature area at 281 Lincoln Boulevard in Russells Point.

Visiting Indian Lake in the winter? If so, a trip to Mad River Mountain would be in order. Mad River Mountain offers skiing and snowboarding just half an hour away from Indian Lake. There is also snow tubing and more available during the winter months.

What are the travel peak seasons in Indian Lake, OH?
Peak Seasons

Winters can be very cold at Indian Lake while the summers are warm and humid. Average monthly temperatures in the area are:

  • January – low of 18F (-7C); high of 34F (1C)
  • February – low of 21F (6C); high of 38 (3C)
  • March – low of 30F (1C); high of 49F (9C)
  • April – low of 40F (4C); high of 62F (17C)
  • May – low of 52F (11C); high of 73F (23C)
  • June – low of 60F (16C); high of 81F (27C)
  • July – low of 64F (18C); high of 84F (29C)
  • August – low of 62F (17C); high of 83F (28C)
  • September – low of 55F (13C; high of 77F (25C)
  • October – low of 44F (7C); high of 65F (18C)
  • November – low of 34F (1C); high of 51F (11C)
  • December – low of 24F (4C); high of 39F (4C)

It is partly cloudy year-round in Indian Lake with sunnier days between June and November. March through August are the wettest months in Indian Lake. Snow falls between November and April but in small amounts. The average snowfall is between one-half and two inches in the area.

How to get around in Indian Lake, OH?

The closest airport to Indian Lake, Ohio, is Bellefontaine Municipal Airport which is a fairly small airport. This may require you to fly into a larger airport and switch to a smaller commuter airplane to get to Bellefontaine. The airport is 23 minutes from Indian Lake. If there are no commuter planes to take you to Indian Lake from Bellfontaine, the next closest airport would be John Glenn Columbus International Airport which is about an hour and a half away.

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in Indian Lake, OH?
Hidden Gems

Located about a half-hour from Indian Lake, Mac-A-Cheek Castle is one of two historic homes built by the Piatt family. Mac-o-Chee was built by Donn Piatt while Mac-A-Cheek was built by his brother, Abram. Both homes have three stories and towers with boast painted ceilings and intricate woodwork. Tours of Mac-A-Cheek began in 1912 after the death of Abram and still continue today.

Orchard Island Post Office is a fully restored 1912 post office and was the first to serve the southern Indian Lake postal region. In 1926, the use of the post office was discontinued and, 77 years later, a group of volunteers worked to restore it. It was moved to its current location in 2003. Inside, there are period furnishings designed to depict what the post office looked like during its use. The post office is located at 9999 Maplewood Avenue in Lakeview.

Bickham and McColly Covered Bridges are also two hidden gems in Indian Lake. The Bickham bridge was built in 1877 over the south fork of the Great Miami River while the McColly bridge was constructed over the river in 1876. Both bridges are still in use today and offer amazing photo opportunities. You can find the Bickham bridge at the intersection of County Road 98 and County Road 38 while the McColly bridge is off of State Route 235 South on Count Road 13.

Ohio Caverns is about a half-hour drive from Indian Lake and is known as the largest cave system in Ohio. The caverns remain a constant 54 degrees F (12C) all year. There are tours that allow you to explore the caves, even if you have limited mobility. Be sure to see the Crystal King, the largest and most perfectly formed stalactite found in any cave or cavern.

Where to visit in order to explore art and culture in Indian Lake, OH?
Art & Culture Places

The Logan County History Center includes the Orr Mansion, Logan County Museum, and the Transportation Museum, all connected in a way that makes visiting all three at one time easy. There is also a gift shop, an archives collection, and the Logan County Genealogical Society Library. The museum was originally the Latham’s Convalescent Home with rooms now converted to exhibit space. The Orr Mansion, the home of William Orr, was built between 1906 and 1908. Orr, who made his fortune in lumber, called it his “dream house.” It has all hand-rubbed, quarter-sawed white oak woodwork, a dining room floor of inlaid honey-colored wood as well as parquet flooring in the entrance as well as living area. The front entrance was all leaded glass and there was a large stained-glass window at the top of the stairs. Unfortunately, the windows were stolen before the Historical Society took ownership and were replaced with plain glass. A replica of the stained-glass window was installed in 1997. The Transportation Museum is designed similar to the Big Four/New York Central Roundhouse that stood in Bellefontaine from the 1890s through the 1960s. The first floor is dedicated to exhibits related to Logan County’s role in transportation.

The Holland Theatre was built in 1931 by Schine Enterprises, a family-owned company that built more than 150 theaters in six states. It is the only Dutch-style atmospheric theater in the country, and it may be the only one existing in the world. It is unique because the theater gives movie viewers the impression that they are outside. The interior is designed as a representation of a Dutch cityscape with blooming tulips waiving in window boxes, two working windmills in a brick and timber facade. The facades were reproductions of known buildings, including the family home of Holland architect, Peter Hulsken. Windows were dimly lit from within to give the impression that the interiors were lit by candles and the ceiling was painted blue with twinkling lights to represent stars. The theater is located at 127 East Columbus Avenue in Bellefontaine.

What are the must-visit places in Indian Lake, OH?
Must See Attractions

Activities on the lake are the most popular things to do in Indian Lake. Boating, swimming, fishing, and hunting are why many people visit the lake each year. 

Sandy Beach Bridge in the Indian Lake harbor is an icon in the area. It was constructed in the 1920s, serving as a pedestrian crossing between two sides of the amusement park. The bridge was purchased by Bill Reed in 1981 who had the vision to restore the bridge to its former glory as it had fallen into disrepair. After the death of Reed and his wife, Marjorie, their family partnered with the Indian Lake Historical Society to complete the project. In the park surrounding the bridge are plaques with details on the Native Americans who lived in the area.

Our Lady of Fatima is one of the tallest statues of the Virgin Mary in the United States. It was dedicated in 1964 and is located at St. Mary’s Point at 261 Chase Avenue in Russells Point.

Located at 246 Chase Avenue in Russells Point, Indian Lake Yacht Club is a casual member-owned club that is dedicated to the promotion of sailing. It was founded in 1945 and members come from all walks of life. Throughout the summer, the club hosts competitive races and invitational regattas. At the end of the season, they hold a Commodore’s Ball to award their racing members.

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in Indian Lake, OH?
Trip Planning

If you are only in Indian Lake for one day, the best way to spend it is on the lake, swimming, boating, fishing, and just enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

If you can spend two days, start out by spending one morning enjoying the lake. Have lunch at Bobber’s or the Gettin Place before visiting the Orchard Island Post Office and possibly Our Lady of Fatima before heading to Indian Head Roadhouse for a delicious dinner on the deck overlooking the lake.

The next day, have breakfast at the Gathering Place and then take a ride to Ohio Caverns. Have lunch at either Bobber’s or the Gettin Place, choosing the one you did not enjoy the day before. Visit the Armstrong Air and Space Museum and Dunn’s Pond Indian Mounds. Finish up your stay with dinner at the Syndicate.

What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in Indian Lake, OH?
Local Events & Festivals

In June, a Kid’s Fishing Derby is held for children aged 4 to 12 at the Old Field Beach bike path. Bait is provided and children just need to bring their own poles and tackle. This event is designed to introduce children to the sport of fishing, teach them sportsmanship and provide education on conservation.

Also in June, St. Mary of the Woods Catholic Church holds their Parish Festival. The two-day event includes a car show, music, food and drink stands, children’s games, laser tag, pony rides an electronic arcade, and more. The festival is held at 464 Madison Avenue, Russells Point.

Over the Independence Day holiday, a car show and fireworks display is held on Old Field Beach. During the event, there is a Little Miss Indian Lake competition and Indian Lake’s Got Talent before the fireworks display. Food trucks and vendors are in the area as well.

In August, Rock the Lake, an annual music festival takes place in the area of Old Field Beach. There is a triathlon in the morning and activities throughout the day, including a kid’s area along with food and merchandise vendors. Christian music artists play throughout the day, culminating in a concert at night with national headliners such as Zach Williams, Colton Dixon, Cain, and Apollo LTD.

Later in August, the Nashville Hitmakers event is held as a fundraiser for the Indian Lake Watershed Project. It is an evening of hit songs performed by those who wrote them. Performers have included Even Williams, a native of the Indian Lake area, who co-wrote “I Love a Rainy Night” with Eddie Rabbit as well as “When You’re In Love with a Beautiful Woman,” performed by Dr. Hook and won a Grammy for “Love Will Turn You Around” sung by Kenny Rogers. The event is held at Indian Lake High School, located at 6210 OH-235 in Lewistown.

Music events continue at Indian Lake in August with Party at the Beach, held at Old Field Beach. Live musical acts begin at noon and end at 9 PM. In between bands, there is a DJ providing music. Food vendors are available as well as beer and other adult beverages.

Over Labor Day Weekend, Indian Lake holds the Ring of Fire event which dates back to 1965 when members of the Chamber of Commerce decided to create a “red flare spectacular” for residents and visitors. Flares are distributed to merchant and resort owners who then sell them as a fundraiser. On Sunday of Labor Day weekend, an experimental plane begins flying around 8:30 PM, decorated with many colored lights. At 9 PM, the flares are lit, creating a “ring of fire” throughout the Indian Beach area.

What are the nightlife spots in Indian Lake, OH?
Nightlife Spots

If you are looking for a place to kick back and relax, Mimi’s at the Lake is the perfect place to do that. They offer excellent food and specialty cocktails in a casual atmosphere. Menu items include baby back ribs, pepperoni pizza manicotti, chicken Cobb salad, sirloin with garlic shrimp, and more. They also offer live music and there is a full bar. Find Mimi’s at 156 East Main Street in Russells Point.

Located at 9050 Acheson’s Resort Street in Lakeview, Acheson’s Resort is a “quaint little drinking resort with a fishing problem,” according to their Facebook page. The restaurant offers burgers, grilled chicken salads, hot pepper cheese balls, breaded pickles, and more in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. On Friday evenings, you can enjoy Derek Pignataro on acoustic guitar and other live music on Saturdays.

Cranberry Resort was built in 1947 and underwent extensive remodeling in 2006. It offers indoor and outdoor seating with views of the lake. The bar is 25-feet long and carries a full line of cocktails. Cranberry Resort is somewhat of a pilgrimage for those who have been coming to Indian Lake for years. For almost 30 years, it was known as “Billy’s World-Famous Cranberry Resort,” but before that, it was owned by Dusty Rhodes who named the location “Dusty Roads.” It became known as a place where boaters could come in and get a drink or simply take a break from the “dusty roads.” It can be found at 9667 State Route 368 in Huntsville.

La Playa Azul is a small, family-owned Mexican restaurant offering delicious cuisine located directly on the lake. They offer typical Mexican fares, such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas as well as some American options like burgers, grilled chicken and fish. They also offer a lower-priced lunch menu. They have a full bar, serving domestic and imported beers, wines as well as a wide range of mixed drinks, including margaritas.

The Irish word for wine, Fion, is the guiding force behind Fion Wine Room. They are focused on providing authentic Irish hospitality, creating a unique social environment that brings people together. You can enjoy wine flights on a stunning patio overlooking the countryside or sit next to the fire with a glass of top-shelf bourbon when the weather is frightful. They also offer small plates and cheeses. They can be found at 7486 OH-117 in Huntsville.

Froggy’s at the Lake is the largest, full-service resort at Indian Lake and is the go-to destination for fun. They offer a swim-up pool bar and live entertainment on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. There is also docking available for boats. Menu items include wings, quesadillas, burgers, shrimp, and more. Some of the events held at Froggy’s include Parrothead Party, St. Patty’s Celebration, Valentine Party, Football and Food, plus much more. Find Froggy’s at 11065 County Road 293 in Lakeview.

A staple of the Indian Lake community for almost 60 years, Desperados’ Bar and Grill came under new ownership in 2014, but the food and service are still outstanding. A new neon sign was added along with a new outdoor bar. In the summer, the bar hosts Bike Nights as well. There is a new margarita machine and the taps have been tripled. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Menu items include wings, pizza, subs, sandwiches, and more. Live music is offered every weekend, from acoustic guitar to rock bands. You can find Desperados’ at 6857 Lima Street in Huntsville.

Vacation Destinations Near Indian Lake, OH

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