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What Are The Most Popular Amenities in Toledo Bend Reservoir?

Toledo Bend Reservoir Rental Amenities

Above shows the popular amenities in Toledo Bend Reservoir and the number of the rental properties associated with each amenity. In Toledo Bend Reservoir, 127 rentals offer Air Conditioning, 118 rentals offer Bed linens provided, 117 rentals offer Heater. So, if you need Air Conditioning during your vacation, use the Air Conditioning filter to compare these properties. Two amenities that are not typical are Hot Tub, Pool.

Which Price Range Is Considered As A Good Deal in Toledo Bend Reservoir Area?

Vacation House & Cabin Rental Price Information in Toledo Bend Reservoir

The graph shows the percentages of vacation homes in each price bucket. Toledo Bend Reservoir has the largest percentage (20.61%) of homes in $150 - $200 price range.
$0 to 50
$0 to 50
$50 to 100
$50 to 100
$100 to 150
$100 to 150
$150 to 200
$150 to 200
$200 to 250
$200 to 250
$250 to 300
$250 to 300
$300 to 350
$300 to 350
$350 to 400
$350 to 400
$400 to 450
$400 to 450
$450 to 500
$450 to 500
$500 +
$500 +
What Are The Most Liked Rental Accommodations in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Best Accommodation Types in Toledo Bend Reservoir
In Toledo Bend Reservoir, 61.36% of listings are House, which is the most popular accommodation out of 11 total accommodation types. Avg price per night for House is around $228. And the most searched amenities for House accommodation is Hot Tub.The least popular accommodation in Toledo Bend Reservoir is Chateau / Country House rentals
How Many Rental Accommodations Are Pets Friendly in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Percentage of Pet Friendly Rental Properties in Toledo Bend Reservoir
25.76% of vacation homes in Toledo Bend Reservoir are pet friendly. If you have pet allergies, make sure to check the home property and see whether it is a pet-friendly vacation home or not.
Where Should We Visit in Toledo Bend Reservoir Area?
Points of Interests In Toledo Bend Reservoir

The most common & popular places (a.k.a points of interests) here in Toledo Bend Reservoir are:

How to get around in Toledo Bend Reservoir?

The closest airport to Toledo Bend Reservoir in Louisiana is Shreveport Regional Airport. Because this is a regional airport, you may need to fly into a larger, international airport and take a smaller plane to Shreveport, about an hour and a half from Toledo Bend Reservoir. Once in Shreveport, rent a car to get to the reservoir.

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Hidden Gems

Cypress Bend Park is located in the center of the Toledo Bend Reservoir area, offering a quiet beach with relaxing views of the water. If you want to see a stunning sunset, Cypress Bend Park is where you want to be. There is a playground area for children, a large outdoor pavilion, and a boat launch area. You can even rent a cabin or bring an RV to enjoy the campground in the park. The park is located at 3462 Cypress Bend Drive in Many.

If you really just want to see some of the scenery in the area, take a drive on the Toledo Bend Forest Scenic Byway, a road that travels the entire eastern side of Toledo Bend Lake. You will witness some of nature’s greatest artwork, viewing the lake from overlooks, traveling through bayous that most people have never heard of, and riding under pine trees in remote forests.

What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Local Events & Festivals

The Zwolle Tamale Fiesta honors the Spanish heritage of the area as well as recognizing the Native Americans who also helped create the unique culture in Toledo Bend. Watch a parade, ride the carnival rides, view a pageant, and listen to live music while also enjoying delicious food, especially the tamales. Zwolle, originally an Indian village, was settled by French and Spanish explorers who intermarried with the Native Americans as well as settlers from other areas of the United States. Eventually, Zwolle became a stop on the Kansas City Southern Railroad and named for a town in Holland in honor of a Dutch visitor who was well-known in the area. The festival, originally held in August each year, is now planned for October.

Every spring, the Choctaw-Apache tribe, which has about 21 families, holds an annual Powwow, welcoming visitors with local food, crafts, and dancing. The Powwow celebrates the roots of the tribe, especially those that lived on the banks of Toledo Bend. Forced from Los Adaes by the Spanish and sent to San Antonio in 1778, members of the tribe made their way back as close to east Texas as possible, settling in Nacogdoches in an abandoned mission. Eventually, they settled again in their ancestral lands on the Sabine River. It is held the first weekend in May and includes a gourd dancing competition, displays of artwork, jewelry, and other crafts as well as outstanding food. The Powwow is held at 217 Gene Knight Road in Noble, about 25 minutes from Toledo Bend.

The MTM Mud Truck Madness and Music Fest bring huge trucks, originally held over Easter weekend, but now held in June. You can watch drivers compete for $10,000 as they maneuver their trucks through a 525-foot mud pit. It is a family-friendly event and also includes an ATV mud bogging competition, a big tire limousine, and live entertainment. The event is held at 3680 Highway 476 in Many.

There are not many festivals dedicated to outlaws, but that is exactly what the Sabine Freestate Festival celebrates. Held in the Village of Floren the first weekend of November, the festival honors the “Neutral Strip,” an area between Spain and the United States after the Louisiana Purchase that both areas claimed as their own. Instead of fighting, however, both removed their troops from 1806 to 1822, working together to redraw the boundary, allowing many settlers, some fleeing from the law, to move in. The festival honors this unique history with a parade, games, a treasure hunt, demonstrations, bull rides, crafts, Wild West-style shootouts, and more. It is held in the Sabine Parish village of Florien, about a half hour from Toledo Bend.

If you are a Civil War history buff, the Battle of Pleasant Hill Reenactment is the perfect event for you. The original battle took place on April 9, 1864, and the reenactment features people dressed in period costumes. There is a replica camp and activities are held within the camp as well. The battlefield is located at 23271 LA-175 in Pelican, about 45 minutes from Toledo Bend.

What are the travel peak seasons in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Peak Seasons

The average monthly temperature in Toledo Bend Reservoir is as follows:

  • January – low of 32F (0C); high of 56F (13C)
  • February – low of 35F (2C); high of 61F (16C)
  • March – low of 44F (7C); high of 70F (21C)
  • April – low of 52F (11C); high of 77F (25C)
  • May – low of 59F (15C); high of 83F (28C)
  • June – low of 66F (19C); high of 83F (28C)
  • July – low of 69F (21C); high of 89F (32C)
  • August – low of 68F (20C); high of 93F (34C)
  • September – low of 63F (17C); high of 88F (31C)
  • October – low of 51F (11C); high of 79F (26C)
  • November – low of 41F (5C); high of 68F (20C)
  • December – low of 35F (2C); high of 61F (16C)

The Toledo Bend Reservoir area is rather humid throughout the year. In February, the average humidity is 83 percent and in December it is 81 percent. The remaining months average between 75 and 78 percent. There is very little snow in the area, although Toledo Bend does get an average of 59 inches of rainfall each year. August is the wettest month while February is the driest.

What are the must-visit places in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Must See Attractions

One of the main attractions in the Toledo Bend Reservoir area is North Toledo Bend and South Toledo Bend State Parks. Toledo Bend Lake, the largest man-made lake south of the Mason Dixon Line, offers excellent bass fishing options. In fact, the lake has been ranked number one by Bassmaster magazine many times. In addition to fishing, the lake has trails for mountain biking, birding and hiking. There are also camping areas available and swimming pools. Many businesses offer boat rentals so you can spend a day on the lake if you choose.

Located about 30 minutes from Toledo Bend, Fort Jesup State Historic Site provides a glimpse back at a fort built after the boundary between the United States and Spanish territories was decided after the Louisiana Purchase. Fort Jesup was built in 1822 and Lieutenant Colonel Zachary Taylor, who would eventually become President of the United States, became the commander. The fort was named after Taylor’s friend, Brigadier General Thomas Sydney Jesup. The kitchen is the only historic structure remaining, but other buildings that existed in the fort have been reconstructed, including the officers’ quarters which have interpretive exhibits. It is located at 32 Geoghagan Road in Many, just 30 minutes from Toledo Bend.

A 300-year-old site that was once the capital of Texas, the Los Adaes State Historic Site gives you a glimpse back to 1716 when New Spain reached from southern Mexico to California. At that time, northwest Louisiana had very few residents and was just many outposts spread throughout the region. In 1714, a fort was built on the site and named one of the nearby missions Presidio Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Los Adaes. In 1717, the French stormed the mission, chasing the Spanish from the area. Two years later, they built another fort just two miles away, brought in more settlers and troops along with prisoners who had committed non-violent offenses. This time, the Spanish were successful, and the area became the Capital of the Province of Texas. Today, the location has a museum containing artifacts discovered there and you can see remnants of where the fort once stood. The historic site is located at 6354 Highway 485 in Robeline, about 45 minutes from Toledo Bend.

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Trip Planning

Only have a day to spend in the Toledo Bend area? Start your day with a hike in South Toledo Bend State Park, checking out the many birds that are native to the area, some on the endangered species list. Then, rent a canoe to travel around North Toledo Bend State Park. Make a stop at the Flowing Hills Creamery to see a real dairy farm in operation and purchase some fresh products. Have lunch at the Fisherman’s Galley before taking a guided fishing tour of Toledo Bend Lake. Enjoy dinner at Gilligan’s Crawfish and Grille.

If you have a few days to spend, you will want to use the first day to explore the area around the lake. The next day, grab breakfast at the Green Acres Fishing Lodge before exploring the Fort Jesup State Historic Site before traveling to the Los Adeas site. Have lunch at Hemphill BBQ before heading back to the Many cultural districts for some shopping. Have dinner at El Patio and then enjoy a few cocktails at Friends Front Porch Bar.

What are the activities in Toledo Bend Reservoir that are family friendly?
Family Friendly Activities

The Patricia Huffman Smith NASA “Remembering Columbia” Museum honors the space shuttle Columbia, which disintegrated over East Texas when reentering the atmosphere on its descent into Kennedy Space Center on February 1, 2003. The museum tour begins with its first historical flight until its last mission which ended in tragedy. There are many artifacts on display from NASA and contractors along with items donated by the families of the crew of the space shuttle. The museum is at 375 Sabine Street, just over 15 minutes from Toledo Bend.

The Rebel State Historic Site was originally the location of the grave of an unknown Confederate Soldier, but now is the location of the Louisiana Country Music Museum, dedicated to the country music industry in the state. The museum includes stringed instruments and honors those from Louisiana who have contributed to the genre, including Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, Jr., and more. The historic site is located at 1260 Highway 1221 in Marthaville, about 45 minutes from Toledo Bend.

The Toledo Bend area offers many options for family fun, including swimming, boating, and canoeing. There are also camping, biking, hiking, and hunting options available. The area has many ATV trails as well as horseback riding. Birding is very popular in the area as it is a sanctuary for many rare, threatened, and endangered species. These include the bald eagle and red-cockaded woodpecker. It is also a habitat for the American white pelican, osprey, black surf scoter, lesser scaup and more.

What are the nightlife spots in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Nightlife Spots

The Kapri Bar at 2912 Highway 1215 in Zwolle, about 15 minutes from Toledo Bend, is a great place to relax with a cold beer, glass of wine, or cocktail. The bar has pool tables and often sponsors pool tournaments. You can bring lawn chairs and relaxing on the grass, listening to live music during warm months and the bar holds many fun events throughout the year.

Friends Front Porch Bar is a favorite of locals, created by Glenda who wanted a location where friends could come and relax. There is a bar/lounge area with a stage and dance floor as well as a patio with outdoor seating. There is a full bar serving beer, wine, and cocktails. Find them at 65 Sky Wagon Road in Zwolle.

Where to visit in order to explore art and culture in Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Art & Culture Places

Throughout the Toledo Bend area, find the Fish Statutes. All six statues were sponsored by a local business with their design created by local artists. The six fish include:

  • Allure - sponsored by Sabine Parish Tourist Commission; designed by Linda Boren and painted by JoAnn Cason
  • Dream Catcher - sponsored by Sabine Parish Tourist Commission; designed by Elaine Echels and painted by Shanna Gaspard
  • Fish #6 - sponsored by Sabine River Authority; artist Janice Hutton
  • Heart of Sabine - sponsored by Toledo Bend Lake Association and the Town of Many; artist Katherine Woodruff
  • King Toledo - sponsored by Toledo Bend Lake Association; artist Eddie Pastureau
  • Totally Toledo - sponsored by Sabine Parish Tourist Commission; artist Linda Boren

Vacation Destinations Near Toledo Bend Reservoir

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