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What Are The Best Rental Amenities in Cape Cod, MA?

Cape Cod, MA Rental Amenities

Above shows the popular amenities in Cape Cod and the number of the rental properties associated with each amenity. In Cape Cod, 3928 rentals offer Internet or Wifi, 3916 rentals offer TV, 3795 rentals offer Parking Available. So, if you need Internet or Wifi during your vacation, use the Internet or Wifi filter to compare these properties. Two amenities that are not typical are Kitchen, Hot Tub.

Which Price Range Is Most Typical in Cape Cod, MA Area?

Vacation House & Cottage Rental Price Information in Cape Cod, MA

The graph shows the percentages of vacation homes in each price bucket. Cape Cod has the largest percentage (17.04%) of homes in $500+ price range.
$0 to 50
$0 to 50
$50 to 100
$50 to 100
$100 to 150
$100 to 150
$150 to 200
$150 to 200
$200 to 250
$200 to 250
$250 to 300
$250 to 300
$300 to 350
$300 to 350
$350 to 400
$350 to 400
$400 to 450
$400 to 450
$450 to 500
$450 to 500
$500 +
$500 +
Which Accommodations Should I Pick in Cape Cod, MA?
Rental Property Types in Cape Cod, MA
There are various types of homes in Cape Cod area. Depending on your group size, you can pick the one using filters accordingly. House is the most popular accommodation type, and the largest homes can accommodate 100 people.The least popular accommodation in Cape Cod is Boat rentals
How Many Accommodations Are Pets Allowed in Cape Cod, MA?
Pets Allowed vs Not Allowed in Cape Cod, MA
22.28% of vacation homes in Cape Cod are pet friendly. Either you bring your loved pets on vacation or you have pet allergies, make sure to select the homes by applying the right filters.
Best Tourist Attractions in Cape Cod, MA?
Points of Interests In Cape Cod, MA

Here we list the must-visit places in Cape Cod:

What are the Airports in Cape Cod, MA?
Airports Options in Cape Cod, MA

2 airport(s) close to Cape Cod are:

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in Cape Cod, MA?
Hidden Gems

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History is a museum and a nature education center dedicated to the natural history of Cape Cod and its surrounding areas. There are a series of fascinating all-year or temporary exhibitions. Some interesting events you don't want to miss are: "Cape Cod Therapy Dogs", "Gardening for Life", "Inflatable Wheels", "Mudflat Mania", "KidSummer Day Program", "Nature Knowledge", and "Nature Screen".

What are the nightlife spots in Cape Cod, MA?
Nightlife Spots

Cape Cod Beer: serves a rich selection of drinks at a good price with friendly service.

Where to visit in order to explore art and culture in Cape Cod, MA?
Art & Culture Places

John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum: President Kennedy was born in Brookline, Boston, and Cape Cod was the place where he spent his childhood vacation. He often returned to this place he loved even after he got married. This is the museum commemorating JFK in the center of the town. As soon as you enter the museum, you will see his famous quote hangs on the wall: "Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country."

What are the must-visit places in Cape Cod, MA?
Must See Attractions
  • Cape Cod National Seashore: A 40,000-acre beach with sand dunes, salt marshes, walking trails, and cycling lanes. 
    • Address: 99 Marconi Site Road, Wellfleet, MA 02667
  • Pilgrim Monument: A 252-foot granite monument built to commemorate the pilgrims on the Mayflower, with spectacular views of the city and harbor. 
    • Address: 1 High Pole Hill Rd, Province Town, MA 02657
  • Scusset Beach State Reservation: a beautiful and clean beach with a great view. It's also a famous fishing spot. 
    • Address: 20 Scusset Beach Rd, Sagamore Beach, MA 02562
What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in Cape Cod, MA?
Local Events & Festivals

Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival happens every summer in July. Private gardens will be open for you to explore. Each garden is designed and maintained by a private owner in a unique style.

How to get around in Cape Cod, MA?

Barnstable Municipal Airport is the nearest airport. From the airport, you can choose from tour buses, taxis, ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft, or rental cars to get to Cape Cod. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Hyannis from Boston South Train Station, and it will take two hours. Cape Flyer purple intercity train is another choice in the summer. To get to the farther National Coast, you need to take a connecting bus to Provincetown.

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in Cape Cod, MA?
Trip Planning

Here's how to plan for a day at Cape Cod:

  • Morning: walking or cycling along the Cape Cod National Seashore
  • Noon: enjoy a spectacular view of the city and harbor at Pilgrim Monument
  • Afternoon: have some beach fun activities at Scusset Beach State Reservation
What are the travel peak seasons in Cape Cod, MA?
Peak Seasons

The best seasons to visit Cape Cod is spring from April to May, or fall from October to November.

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